Man Needs an All-Male Cocaine Recovery ProgramIf you’re a man struggling with a cocaine addiction, you may be wondering how to overcome your problem. As you’ve probably experienced, trying to conquer your addiction without professional treatment usually doesn’t work out. Addiction is an extremely powerful disease, and it often takes a comprehensive cocaine recovery program. An all-male program is often your best option because you’ll get the individualized care and support that you need.

Using Health Insurance for a Cocaine Recovery Program

Your first concern may be treatment costs, but your health insurance may be able to offset out-of-pocket costs.

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Whether you’re employed and have private insurance or have insurance under your parent or spouse’s policy, your coverage can assist you with the financial aspect of a cocaine recovery program. For a long time, medical professionals viewed addiction as a moral failing or lack of willpower. After decades of scientific research, the medical industry has classified addiction as a disease. When the Affordable Care Act passed, it included a clause stating that insurance companies need to provide addiction treatment coverage

You may have different levels of coverage depending upon your policy. Some policies will cover detoxification along with inpatient and outpatient programs. Sometimes the amount of insurance coverage will also depend on your addiction’s severity. No matter the case, you’ll want to find out how much coverage you have at your disposal. Most treatment centers have the ability to verify your insurance.

Understanding Addiction at a Cocaine Recovery Program

Many people suffering from a cocaine addiction beat themselves up for not being able to quit on their own. In reality, not many people can. In a quality treatment program, you’ll learn to accept your illness and how it affects your brain. You may know people who also use cocaine, and they can easily stop whenever they want to. Those afflicted with cocaine addiction can’t make that same logical choice. Their brains react differently to mind-altering substances, and the mind tells the person that they need to continue using no matter what.

Overcoming Your Addiction at an All-Male Cocaine Recovery Program

Learning to overcome your cocaine addiction may be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do, but it comes with more benefits than you can ever imagine. Going through accredited addiction treatment involves individual counseling with therapists where you may have to open up and confront past issues, but this is part of the healing process.

At Serenity Lodge’s all-male facility in Lakewood, California, you’ll gain strength and support from other men in the program going through the recovery process. Being in an all-male treatment program will help you open up, and your new-found friends will become valuable members of your support group.

We offer a tranquil place to begin your recovery journey from treatment to aftercare. Our staff—many of whom are in also in active recovery—is fully qualified to help you overcome your addiction and learn how to begin the healing process with your loved ones as well as yourself.

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