Individual in Need of Substance Abuse CounselingDrug and alcohol addiction are some of the most difficult diseases to treat. As you research your rehab options, you will also see that there are many types of rehab programs available. However, effective substance abuse counseling is the backbone of high-quality addiction treatment. The best counselors you will help you learn about your addiction and behaviors while leading you down the path to strong recovery.

What Causes Addiction?

Addiction begins with drug and alcohol abuse. There are multiple reasons why people start abusing these substances. Those factors may be genetic, environmental, social, or psychological. Whether or not one man becomes addicted is also closely tied to genetics, health history, family background, and other factors.

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Eventually, addiction takes hold after continued substance abuse. Along with addiction, mental illness may co-exist. These co-occurring conditions make both problems worse. If you only treat one problem, the remaining one will lead to relapse.

Mental illness may begin during addiction, as a result of changed behaviors, thinking, and activities. Or, when drug or alcohol abuse provides a false sense of emotional and psychological stability, mental illness can lead to addiction.

When you abuse drugs or alcohol, you may be doing so to deal with difficult memories, thoughts, or emotions. Drugs and alcohol soon take priority over attending to your basic human needs. Over the long term, this only makes your mental issues worse and breaks down any healthy coping strategies you once used in daily life.

How Substance Abuse Counseling Helps in Addiction

When you go to rehab, you will go through multiple types of therapy. Effective addiction therapy helps you set realistic life goals, gain coping skills, deal with traumatic memories, and gain better physical and mental health. Through this counseling, you become strong again, and you’ll be ready to put everything you learn about recovery to good use in your daily life. As is the case for most people who skip this important step, you’ll likely head right back to addiction without rehab.

During substance abuse counseling, a qualified therapist or counselor will help you understand what caused or led to your addiction. You’ll start using new coping strategies right away in treatment. By setting long-term goals, you and your therapist can figure out how to build your better future. These aspects of counseling help you rebuild relationships, accept responsibility for things you’ve done, and let go of guilt you carry.

There are several types of therapies used in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. These include individual counseling sessions, group therapy, and Family Support. All therapy is confidential.

Substance Abuse Counseling at a Rehab for Men

If you’re a man needing substance abuse treatment, Serenity Lodge is a men’s only rehab in California that can help. On our serene, 22-acre grounds, you can focus on recovery and leave your everyday distractions at home.

At Serenity Lodge, Clients receive multiple types of therapy in amenity-rich surroundings in order to build strength in recovery. Some of these amenities include:

  • Fitness therapy in a 1500 square foot gym
  • Movie theatre, racquetball, and golf facilities
  • Professional recording studio
  • Pool and sauna
  • Meditation and nutritional, prepared meals

If you or a man in your life is in search of addiction recovery, Serenity Lodge offers the high-quality substance abuse counseling and amenities you need to begin your sobriety journey. Call us now at (855) 932-4045 and start rebuilding your life.