Alcoholism is a life-threatening disease. Left untreated, it can cause permanent physical, mental, and emotional damage. In addition, it can leave your work, social, financial and family life in a shambles. If you believe that drinking is destroying your life, finding a professional alcoholism treatment program can help you get to the root of this chemical addiction.

Signs of Alcoholism

Man In A Professional Alcoholism Treatment ProgramMany people can have a drink or two now and then without grave consequences, but that’s not true for everyone. Drinking may be a real problem if you:

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  • Crave alcohol
  • Sometimes lose control
  • Drink alone or in secret
  • No longer enjoy things you used to like
  • Become irritable as your usual drinking time approaches, particularly if alcohol is not available
  • Have problems with relationships, finances or the law
  • Feel physical withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink

If any of these characteristics sound like you, it could indicate a serious problem requiring an alcoholism treatment program. This could also include a medically supervised detox program. A good detox program, like the one we offer at Serenity Lodge, can help ease the symptoms of withdrawal that can range from uncomfortable to dangerous.

Introducing Serenity Lodge

People who struggle with alcoholism have many choices when it comes to addiction treatment programs. However, Serenity Lodge stands head and shoulders above the rest. Located on 22 acres in California’s beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center understand that becoming sober is only the first step toward lasting healing. Therefore, we’ve crafted our programs to not only help our Clients become free from physical dependency but also to provide social and spiritual tools that they can take back into their home environments.

When you become one of our Clients, expect to be welcomed into a serene and peaceful setting far from the hustle, bustle, and temptations of the city. Our caring staff members will treat you with the unfailing kindness, respect, and dignity that you deserve as you dedicate yourself to getting to the root of your alcoholism. Since most of our counselors and staff members are in active recovery themselves, they have an intimate understanding of the obstacles you face as well as the perspective to help you rise above the challenges that you encounter. During your stay, you can expect to participate in an individualized regimen of programs that include some of the following:

  • Individual evidence-based addiction therapy to help you get to the root of your alcoholism
  • Group therapy with peers to gain support and to brainstorm life skills
  • Focus on ways to avoid alcohol relapse
  • Socialization and recreation to improve health and promote life enrichment
  • Amenities including a gym, movie theater, professional recording studio, meditation and much more
  • Outpatient treatment and ongoing alumni and family support after graduation

Our Alcoholism Treatment Program Can Change Your Life

Serenity Lodge offers people an alcoholism treatment program that takes you, the whole person, into consideration. You’re more than just your addiction, and we’re here to help you get in touch with the healthy, sober self that has been drowning in the destructive effects of alcoholism for months or even years.

Don’t let another day go by as a slave to the bottle. You have the power to regain control of your life, and Serenity Lodge is here to help you harness it. Take that vital first step toward sobriety and physical, mental, and spiritual health today. Call us at (855) 932-4045 to begin your new, alcohol-free life.