Man Street Corner Struggling with Alcohol DependenceDrinking alcohol now and then isn’t a problem. However, when you find yourself unable to stop drinking, you might be dealing with alcohol dependence. Do you know how you can find out for sure? Would you know how to overcome it?

How to Tell if You Have an Alcohol Dependence

Nobody wants to depend on something, particularly alcohol. However, there are some symptoms that may make you rethink your life.

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  • Compulsion: Call it a craving, need, or strong desire to drink. You want it. You think about drinking it, maybe even watch the clock to know when it’s time to head for the bar.
  • Inability to stop: When you’re at the bar, you promise yourself you’ll only have a beer or two. After a six-pack, however, you switch to boilermakers. You cannot stop drinking.
  • Tolerance: Because you’ve built up a tolerance to alcohol, you can hold your liquor well. That’s why the bartender doesn’t cut you off.
  • Physical dependence: When the time between drinks stretches too far, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. You may go to bed at midnight and wake up around 8 a.m. with severe nausea, anxiety, tremors, and sweating. It only gets worse. But as soon as you take that first morning drink, you’re feeling a little better again.

Treating Alcohol Dependence is Possible

Plenty of men wrestle with alcohol abuse and its effects. However, not enough of them seek help. The right treatment helps you stay away from drinking after rehab. It also teaches you how to live a productive life that you control.

Although in many cases it’s best to opt for a residential inpatient therapy setting to combat alcohol dependence, you may be among the group of professionals who can’t get the time off. Intensive outpatient treatment can help. Even though you’ll miss out on the opportunity to unplug and receive around the clock treatment for a while, you’ll nevertheless have a great chance at working on your recovery.

In any case, high-quality treatment has many benefits, including:

  • Connection to counselors: Experts you work with have likely walked in your shoes. They can help you work through difficulties, bouts of denial, and adjustment problems.
  • Individualized addiction education: Do you know why your alcohol abuse turned into alcohol dependence? You’ll learn more about what makes you tick, and also what triggers to look out for.
  • Therapy: Chances are you or your loved one developed negative behavior patterns during active addiction. Adding cognitive behavioral therapy to the mix has proven to be highly successful.
  • Relapse prevention: Even after finishing treatment, your recovery continues. By this point, you’ll know what tempts you to have a drink. Continued close contact with counselors and peer mentors provides the support network you need to maintain your sobriety path.

How to Ask for Help

Many men struggling with addiction have benefitted from treatment at Serenity Lodge. Our serene environment allows Clients to leave stressors and triggers behind. This allows them to focus on healing and putting addiction in the past. After undergoing a medically supervised detox at a partner facility, Clients can begin one of many life-changing treatment programs.

One phone quick call can help you or a loved one begin to overcome alcohol dependence. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045.