Alcohol is widely available and commonly consumed, which only makes it harder to acknowledge when there’s a problem. Fortunately, Serenity Lodge provides alcohol rehabilitation for men to help them overcome their addictive behaviors. Explore some of the many ways that individuals can benefit from both evidence-based and holistic recovery practices.

12-Step Meetings Available Onsite

Individual in Need of Alcohol RehabilitationAlcoholics Anonymous utilizes a 12-Step philosophy that has helped millions of Men over the last century. All too often, rehab centers promote 12-Step meetings but don’t offer them directly to Clients. At Serenity Lodge, 12-Step meetings are available right onsite, and they can be a big part of the recovery process.

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During an AA meeting, participants can begin the 12-Step process. In most cases, Clients won’t be able to work through all 12 Steps during rehab. This is perfectly normal, and the process can take many months or even years in some cases. The key is learning about the steps, their value, and how to embark on a journey that includes this philosophy for a lifetime.

Experiential Therapy

An often overlooked part of drug and alcohol addiction treatment is expressing yourself. Many people who struggle with alcoholism say that they want to regain their freedom, their passions, and their hobbies. In addition to evidence-based addiction therapy approaches, Experiential Therapy can be a great way to explore a more holistic approach to recovery.

At Serenity Lodge, there are many forms of expressive arts available to Clients. In the drum circle, men can let loose and have fun in a social environment. Sing-alongs are a fantastic way to bond with others. We even have a recording studio where Clients can jam with friends, explore musical passions, and even record songs that showcase their feelings.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

There are numerous reasons why alcohol dependence can develop. In as many as half of all cases, however, mental health is a factor. That’s why dual diagnosis programs are vital.

Dual diagnosis programs treat mental health conditions and alcoholism at the same time. Clients who have relapsed in the past, or who are in need of mental health care, often thrive in these specific programs.

Group Counseling With Other Same-Sex Clients

A big reason to choose a gender-responsive alcohol rehabilitation center is because of same-sex group counseling. Group counseling and therapy can be a beneficial part of recovery for many Clients. In a gender-specific environment, it becomes easier to speak out without fear of judgment. Men can also relax, grow, and breath in an environment designed to make them comfortable.

Emphasis on Relapse Prevention

What happens outside of rehab is just as important as what happens within the program. That’s why relapse prevention education also needs to be a part of treatment. Relapse is an ongoing risk once rehab ends, but the right preparation can make a difference.

Individuals should start by being aware of the risks of relapse. Understanding that cravings and temptations will appear can help people stay strong in the future. Clients can also learn exactly how to cope with these cravings. Custom coping mechanisms can overcome cravings and keep you on track for a lifetime.

Begin Alcohol Rehabilitation at Serenity Lodge

At Serenity Lodge, men can find their way to a healthier, happier and sober life. In addition to the many treatment methods listed above, we offer appealing amenities. Some of them include:

  • 12-person sauna and outdoor swimming pool
  • Library
  • Recording studio
  • Basketball court
  • Large fitness facility

Alcohol rehabilitation is the solution for men who are eager to embrace sobriety. At Serenity Lodge in California, a variety of rehab programs can help you recover from alcohol addiction. Call (855) 932-4045 and take the first steps toward your new life.