We Offer the Best Drug Rehabilitation Programs for MenWhile acknowledging an addiction is the first step toward recovery, the next step is choosing the right treatment center.  For many people struggling with drug addiction, this can mean the difference between failure and success. Learn how to find the best drug rehabilitation programs.

National Accreditation: The Hallmark of the Best Drug Rehabilitation Programs

There so many rehab centers across the nation. However, the best drug rehabilitation programs often have accreditation. This stamp of approval shows that these facilities are devoted to meeting the highest treatment standards.

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Three main programs issue accreditation in the United States. The Joint Commission issues credentials to nearly 21,000 health programs across the country. Patients and professionals alike view this certification as a dedication to meeting standards and providing quality care.

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is part of CARF International. This is private, nonprofit group issues credentials for health and human services. It helps rehab centers improve their quality of service and provide value. It also ensures that they meet worldwide standards.

Finally, the National Committee for Quality Assurance is a private, nonprofit group that also aims to improve healthcare quality.

The Best Drug Rehabilitation Staffs Have Excellent Credentials and Provide Compassionate Support

Clinicians and therapists in a drug rehab facility need to have proper training and licenses. They should also use treatment methods and therapies that deliver great success rates. The best drug rehabilitation centers provide all of this information on their websites.

Perhaps more importantly, a supportive staff can promote lasting recovery. Industry professionals who provide encouraging words and have warm faces can positively affect the lives of people struggling with addiction. Patients are more likely to recover when they feel that others are on their side. The best programs work hard to give those struggling with addiction the resources and support that they need.

Personalized Care for the Best Drug Rehabilitation

Especially for males, there’s no single solution to treat drug addiction. Each man starts and continues to use for different reasons. He also has his own beliefs and underlying problems. This is why personalized care is essential.

The best drug rehabilitation facilities combine several treatment programs. Most people begin combating addiction with a medically monitored detox. However, detox alone doesn’t lead to a successful recovery. Men need to continue their treatment with 12-step meetings, education, counseling and behavioral therapy.

Clean, Safe Environment

The best drug rehabilitation centers should provide a clean, safe place for people to experience recovery. Before committing to a certain facility, you or your loved one should have the chance to see if it meets expectations. It should be clear whether or not the center is clean just by walking through it.

However, ask about security measures, because these aren’t always obvious. It’s also a good idea to research reports of negligence or abuse before entering a facility.

Peaceful, Pleasant Atmosphere

A peaceful atmosphere is another trait that makes the best drug rehabilitation programs. Because addiction and recovery can make men feel emotionally drained, Clients need a facility where they can decompress and relax, making it easier to focus on treatment. Feeling at ease in their surroundings helps Clients open up during counseling and therapy.

Safe, Quality Treatment at Serenity Lodge

At Serenity Lodge in California, we provide a safe, serene environment for men to recover from drug addiction. Our rehab program combines a 12-step approach with evidence-based methods of treatment. Clients at our center also have access to a range of amenities to help them relax. These include:

  • Golf
  • Gym
  • Meditation
  • Nutritional prepared mealsal therapy
  • Racquetball
  • Sauna

End addiction’s control over you or your loved one’s life. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 to start your recovery.