Cocaine is powerfully addictive. Despite its reputation for ruining lives, this powdery white or rock-formed stimulant is widely abused in the United States today. When the drug completely takes over your life, cocaine addiction rehab gives you the best chance to start over. Without this important treatment, you’ll continue spiraling into greater life destruction.

Signs of Cocaine Use

Woman in Need of Cocaine Addiction RehabThe federal government has long classified cocaine as a highly addictive stimulant. Users can inhale, inject, or smoke the drug. Injecting cocaine into your veins causes sores, abscesses, and infections at the injection site. Snorting cocaine causes lost sense of smell, frequent nosebleeds, difficulty swallowing, a chronically runny nose, and ongoing hoarseness.

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Rock cocaine, known as crack, is usually smoked in a pipe. Crack also causes the worst cocaine addiction symptoms.

Regardless of the method, abusing cocaine leads to more than just your high. You also go through behavioral and personality changes. These include restlessness, irritability, anxiety, and paranoia.

Dependency Means You Need Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Paranoid psychosis is one of the biggest signs of cocaine abuse. This means that you lose touch with reality and experience sound hallucinations.

Heart attacks and strokes are also common among cocaine users. Other serious health problems occurring in people dependent on cocaine include digestive problems, HIV, contracting other infectious diseases, severe allergic reactions, and—the worst consequence of all—fatal overdose.

Cocaine Abuse Changes Your Brain

Cocaine abuse increases dopamine production in the brain, which is why you feel a sense of euphoria. It also prevents your brain nerve cells from reabsorbing dopamine. Therefore, the high levels of dopamine stay in your brain for the duration of the high.

Over time, your body develops a higher tolerance. This means it functions better with cocaine in your system and despite the drug’s chemical changes. It also means you need increasingly more cocaine to feel its effects.

Long-term cocaine abuse affects how your brain’s reward system works. Other brain systems also change, which explains why you feel irritable and experience other behavioral changes. After developing a higher cocaine tolerance, using more and more of the drug only makes the effects worse.

Do You Need Cocaine Addiction Rehab?

You may be reading this article because you want to know whether you or someone you love needs cocaine addiction rehab. In fact, chances are you already know the answer. Without professional addiction treatment programs, you or your loved one’s life could end up spiraling further out of control. The consequences could even be deadly.

Serenity Lodge in Southern California provides drug and alcohol addiction treatment for men. During your time in our safe and relaxing environment, you’ll have the chance to begin your life again with better health and strength in recovery. Programs of Serenity Lodge feature many amenities, including:

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  • Nutritional prepared mealsal and yoga therapies
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  • Racquetball and golf

If you or someone you love suffer cocaine addiction and need a fresh start, Serenity Lodge provides the amenity-rich and therapeutic environment you need. Call us now at (855) 932-4045 to start building a better life at our cocaine rehab.