Are drug and alcohol abuse ruining your life? Maybe you don’t recognize the seriousness of the problem yet. Perhaps you don’t use every day, and you’re still able to attend to everyday functions and hold down a job. However, substance abuse will eventually catch up to you if you don’t seek help. You don’t have to suffer full-blown addiction to experience the negative consequences related to abusing drugs and alcohol.

Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Man Struggling with Drug and Alcohol AbuseMaybe you’ve heard of addiction and don’t feel that it applies to you. After all, you only use around certain friends or when you’re partying. Perhaps you drink a lot because your job is stressful, and alcohol helps you unwind. Maybe you take more of your prescription medication than you’re supposed to because your prescribed dosage isn’t doing enough. All of these situations constitute abuse.

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You may continue to drink heavily knowing that you’ll wake up with a hangover or that you have to drive home. Using any illicit substance, such as cocaine or heroin, is abuse. Even if you have a prescription for a medication, if you don’t take it in the prescribed manner, you’re abusing it.

How do you know you may have a drug or alcohol abuse problem? Typical signs include:

  • Continued use despite negative effects
  • Poor judgment
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Neglecting responsibilities
  • Isolating yourself

As abuse continues, you’ll gradually withdraw from non-using friends and family in order to spend more time pursuing drug- and alcohol-related activities.

Abuse vs. Addiction

Although you might only abuse drugs or alcohol for now, you can definitely become addicted if you don’t stop using. Not everyone who abuses substances will become addicted, but it frequently happens. Every time you use, you increase your chances of becoming more dependent on drugs and alcohol.

As abuse progresses into addiction, people become physically dependent on the substance. Brain chemistry changes so that it’s extremely difficult for users to stop using. Their tolerance increases, and they have to consume more to get the same effects. They’ll have financial troubles as they spend more resources on securing drugs instead of taking care of home and work obligations. Relationships with non-users will deteriorate.

Treatments for drug abuse may help prevent you from dealing with the more serious problem of addiction.

Recovery at Serenity Lodge

Whether you’re battling drug and alcohol abuse, or you’re struggling with full-blown addiction, help is available. One of the aspects that sets Serenity Lodge apart from other rehab centers is our male-only environment. Clients may feel more comfortable opening up to others who understand exactly what they’re going through.

You’ll be able to openly communicate in individual and group therapy sessions. We maintain a non-judgmental atmosphere where you can freely share your thoughts and experiences with others in your peer group.

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment models include 12-step programs and dual diagnosis treatment. We also provide cognitive behavioral therapy, and you can express your creative side through our Experiential Therapy programs.

In order to make your stay here more pleasant, we provide a variety of amenities to stimulate your mind and body. Some of the activities you’ll enjoy here include:

  • Fitness therapy
  • Swimming pool
  • Meditation therapy
  • 12-person sauna
  • Professional recording studio
  • Movie theater

Our facility is located in serene, peaceful surroundings where you can pursue your health and healing. We provide a relaxing atmosphere where you’ll feel safe exploring your core issues and learning how to positively express yourself.

Has addiction taken over your life? It’s not the end of the world. You can overcome your addiction and achieve sobriety with help from a quality rehab facility like Serenity Lodge. Call us today at (855) 932-4045 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs.