Man Struggling With Drug Side EffectsDrug side effects vary depending upon the substance. Whether you’re taking aspirin or ingesting a harsher substance, each drug has the potential to create an unexpected reaction.

Some substances cause an allergic reaction, which can cause itchiness or a rash. Other times, mixing substances may be what causes an unexpected side effect to occur. This is a common scenario when mixing alcohol and painkillers.

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Drug Side Effects Often Occur as Part of the Cycle of Abuse

When regular substance abuse patterns develop, users often begin to increase their doses. Many individuals build a tolerance when taking a substance regularly and require more in order to achieve the same feeling. Dangerous substance abuse patterns can lead to unexpected side effects, including:

  • Hives
  • Trouble breathing
  • Swelling of lips, tongue or throat
  • Light-headedness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Impaired coordination
  • Drowsiness

Although the above drug side effects are dangerous, addiction has the potential to be the most damaging. Whether it’s a physical or mental addiction that develops, there are almost always negative long-term consequences.

Drug Side Effects Can Be Damaging Over Time

One of the most distinguishing aspects of long-term drug abuse is the way the brain adjusts. For many individuals, excessive dopamine production causes the substance to be less rewarding over time. This is often how overdoses occur.

Long-term drug abuse can affect the areas of the brain responsible for learning, judgment, memory, behavior and decision-making. Among those, impaired decision-making is one of the most dangerous side effects of substance abuse.

Not being able to make rational choices can often land you in legal trouble or physical danger. Many substances eventually cause intense, drug-seeking urges that supersede rational thought.

Physically, long-term substance abuse affects different parts of the body. For instance, kidney failure is a common heroin or methamphetamine abuse side effect, while liver failure is often a side effect of long-term alcoholism. Stimulants negatively affect the heart, leading to heart disease or failure. Smoking various substances cause extensive lung damage.

A Professional Rehab May Be Necessary To Get Away From Drug Side Effects

Seeking addiction therapy at a qualified treatment facility is one of the best ways to break yourself away from harmful drug side effects. At a licensed and accredited rehabilitation facility, you’ll be able to build the habits you need to embrace sobriety. Detoxing and seeking treatment in a professional setting is safer than attempting to become sober alone. In a controlled environment, you can rest assured that you’ve set yourself up for success.

Many individuals find that seeking treatment away from home in a peaceful, private environment helps them to be successful on their path to sobriety. When you travel for treatment, you effectively remove yourself from the environment where you may be most likely to immediately relapse. Away from harmful triggers, you can focus on avoiding any of the side effects you have experienced.

A treatment facility designed just for men, Serenity Lodge offers spiritual guidance coupled with professional drug rehabilitation. On our beautiful 22-acre property in California, Clients can embrace the beautiful surroundings while focusing on their sobriety.

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