Heroin is a powerfully addictive drug. Its side effects leave the person wanting more, and continued consumption can easily lead to addiction. For those who make the decision to quit, heroin detox symptoms aren’t the same for everybody. However, similar timelines for the withdrawal process exist within different programs.

Recognizing Heroin Detox Symptoms

Man on Steps Struggling with Heroin Detox SymptomsOnce an individual decides to quit using heroin, he or she may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. This is because the body is so accustomed to having heroin that functioning with it feels normal.

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Along with anticipating unpleasant withdrawal, this physical dependence often keeps a person on heroin. The threat of heroin detox symptoms often overrides the desire to get sober.

The severity of these symptoms depends on different factors such as frequency of heroin use, potency, and the amount consumed or injected each time. Common heroin withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Agitation
  • Dilated pupils
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Yawning

Undergoing withdrawal during detox is usually the toughest stage of beating addictions. Nevertheless, living a clean and sober life is possible when you enter a program designed for your success.

Connecting with a drug and alcohol addiction treatment that understands the challenges you face gives you the best chance of achieving recovery. Qualified professionals work to alleviate your fears and make heroin withdrawal treatment as comfortable as possible.

Long-Lasting Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Once initial symptoms subside, individuals may begin to have more symptoms that last for longer periods of time. These symptoms can include a rapid heartbeat, vomiting, paranoia, high blood pressure, and hyperactivity.

However, these symptoms subside as a person’s body readjusts to normalcy without a dependence on heroin. For some people, these intense symptoms improve after four days. For others, it can take approximately a week before they start to feel normal again.

Timeline for Enduring Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

While overcoming heroin addiction is difficult, it can be done. Understanding the withdrawal symptoms and knowing what to expect is the best way to prepare for a successful completion.

One aspect of preparation is having a general idea of the timeline for withdrawal. This varies from one person to the next based on the extent of use and other factors. However, most symptoms follow a similar trajectory.

Some withdrawals begin about four hours after taking the last dose of heroin. Total time for withdrawal can last for one week. When a person has been addicted to heroin for a long time, symptoms can take longer to manifest. Their heroin detox symptoms can last for three or four weeks.

When you reach the 24–72-hour mark during detox, symptoms can become uncomfortable and painful. Keeping this in mind is helpful to push through to focus on full recovery. Healthy eating and exercise are two ways to make it past this challenging time.

Enter a Program to Overcome Heroin Addiction

Although it can be difficult to conquer, heroin abuse isn’t an automatic death sentence. When you’re ready to quit, there are a number of heroin withdrawal treatment options available. After your symptoms from the detox process begin to lessen, it’s time to create a plan to enter a drug rehab facility.

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You have access to a safe and relaxing addiction treatment facility. Our beautiful surroundings and amenities give you the first step for a new beginning. Clients at Serenity Lodge can take advantage of:

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  • Nutritional prepared meals therapy

Here at Serenity Lodge, we will answer all your questions about treatment options for heroin withdrawal. Please call us today at (855) 932-4045 so we can help you find the right path back from heroin abuse.