Cocaine is an incredibly dangerous illicit substance. Not only is cocaine extremely addictive, but it also causes high blood pressure, increased body temperature, and faster heart rate. These problems can easily lead to stroke and heart attack. Learn how cocaine rehab plays a critical role in saving lives and gives clients a chance for a better future.

Why Is Cocaine So Addictive?

Men Bonding at Our Cocaine Rehab FacilityCocaine is a white powder that people can snort, inject, or smoke. It’s also available in a rock form as crack cocaine. However people use it, cocaine provides a quick-acting high that brings about increased energy, suppressed appetite, and enhanced dopamine levels.

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As quickly as cocaine’s high begins, it starts to wear off. The crash that follows makes people using cocaine feel incredibly sleepy, depressed, and generally “worn out.” In order to avoid this crash, many people binge on the drug, using more to lift them back up. Over time, tolerance develops, and they need more and more cocaine to feel the same effects.

Regularly using cocaine changes how your body and brain work. These changes make it harder to feel natural pleasure, which is why many people eventually develop an addiction. When you develop an addiction to cocaine, cocaine rehab is the only way back to a healthy, more fulfilling life.

What Happens at Cocaine Rehab?

There are multiple types of drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. The most effective programs for cocaine addiction generally start at the residential inpatient level. Gender-specific programs provide Clients with greater peace and confidence during treatment, removing the elements of societal expectations and gender roles from the treatment environment.

Many people who use cocaine also abuse other substances. Polysubstance abuse affects 72% of those seeking cocaine treatment. It’s important to be honest in your addiction screening at the beginning of rehab, which allows you to gain the best possible chance for lasting recovery.

Therapies in cocaine rehab explore your individual history of substance abuse and past traumas or experiences contributing to your drug and alcohol use. These therapies can include individual sessions, group therapies, and family counseling. Additionally, outdoor and indoor activities during the treatment process can make the experience feel more like recreation than “work.” If you engage in your therapy, you’ll grow immensely in rehab.

Choose Serenity Lodge for Cocaine Rehab

Serenity Lodge of Southern California provides residential inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment for people seeking to end their cocaine addiction. Our rehab at Serenity Lodge provides a peaceful space for Men to explore their own personal history and overcome their past issues leading to substance abuse. Our amenity-rich surroundings provide an array of unique opportunities while in rehab. These amenities include:

  • Movie theatre
  • Fitness therapy in a 1,500 square foot gym
  • Recording studio
  • Meditation
  • 12-person sauna and pool
  • Racquetball and golf
  • Nutritional prepared meals therapy

If you’re ready to end your cocaine addiction, or if someone you love needs drug rehab, call Serenity Lodge at (855) 932-4045.