Man Holding Methadone PillsMethadone, while effective in treating addictions for opioids and opiates, can also become an addictive substance when misused or prescribed improperly. Drug misuse happens when individuals use substances for purposes not consistent with legal or medical guidelines. In the case of methadone pills, people take them in higher doses and frequencies than recommended.

What Are Methadone Pills?

Methadone, known by brand names Dolophine® and Methadose®, is a slow-acting opioid. Once consumed, reaching the brain gradually and minimizing the “high” while preventing withdrawal symptoms. First used in the 60’s, methadone is still considered a viable treatment option for heroin addiction, especially for individuals who don’t respond well to other medications. It’s available only through approved outpatient treatment programs, where clients take it on a daily basis.

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Why Use Methadone in Treatment if It’s Addictive?

Methadone is a heroin and opioid painkiller replacement drug. Since the brain’s opioid receptors change with repeated doses of heroin and/or narcotic painkillers, people can’t abruptly stop taking these types of drugs without experiencing extreme cravings. Relapse is a real possibility once cravings become powerful. Unfortunately, relapse rates are quite high, at about 40–60% for drug addiction.

Since many methadone programs require participants to visit to get a dose, it also helps the clinical staff monitor health. Some methadone programs require individuals to attend other treatment therapies as well, receiving methadone often helps motivate them to stay in treatment.

As methadone helps the brain gradually become accustomed to the lack of the previously abused drug, it alleviates cravings while having calming effects on the body’s systems. This can aid in improving focus on counseling and other psychotherapies related to their drug rehab programs.

How Can You Become Addicted to Methadone Pills?

When individuals take methadone at recommended doses, it won’t produce feelings of intoxication or sedation. It also allows people to carry on with their daily activities like driving a vehicle.

The dangers arise when people improperly take methadone. Many will take the pills, grind them into powder and inject or snort them. The drug hits the brain quicker, inducing intoxication and sedation. A full-blown addiction happens quickly in opioid-dependent people used to taking this class of drugs.

Serenity Lodge Provides Effective Methadone Pills Addiction Treatment

Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, California, uses evidence-based treatment methods to aid in male recovery while helping to prevent relapse. Our staff provides therapies, counseling services and addiction education to support overcoming methadone addiction. Research has shown your chances of overcoming opioid addiction are better with long-term drug replacement therapy. We have the knowledge and experience necessary using alternative drugs to accomplish your goals.

Buprenorphine paired with naloxone are effective drugs used during the maintenance phase of treatment. When you are still methadone or opioid-dependent, these alternative drugs often help you break the bonds of addiction without destructive effects. You can be alert during treatment, drive without impairment, and function normally in society.

If you’re a male struggling with a methadone addiction, the start of your recovery journey is just a phone call away. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045.