Man Looking Out the Window Depressed From a Physical Dependence to AlcoholPeople seek addiction treatment for many different substances, but alcohol is one of the worst when it comes to a physical dependence. While dependence to any substance can have dangerous side effects, alcohol withdrawal can be the most fatal. Sometimes, the agonizing alcohol withdrawal symptoms are too much for a person to deal with on their own, which leads to relapse. There are ways of minimizing the symptoms of withdrawal in a safe way, but first it’s important to understand how this type of dependence develops.

How Does Physical Dependence to Alcohol Happen?

The human body is extremely complex, and it constantly seeks balance to ensure that the body runs properly. Many of us go through our daily routines without thinking much about how the brain, heart, liver, kidneys and other organs allow us to function each day. When people consume alcohol regularly and in excess, the balance becomes distorted, and the body builds a physical dependence. Even though a hangover is the most minor form of alcohol withdrawal, it’s a form of dependence.

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For those who have been drinking in excess for months or years, physical dependence to alcohol becomes much greater. The nervous system begins to malfunction, which can cause a variety of symptoms, including body tremors. Those suffering from withdrawal can also have co-occurring mental disorders like anxiety and depression, because the serotonin levels in the brain become thrown off. These issues with the brain and nervous system can also lead to dangerous seizures. Another dangerous side effect of physical dependence is that the heart begins to work too hard, which could lead to heart failure.

Overcoming Physical Dependence to Alcohol

Instead of trying to self-detox, you should go to a licensed facility that can help you through the process. Medical professionals can monitor your health and prescribe medications to minimize withdrawal symptoms. However, this is only your first recovery hurdle. Work to decrease your dependence continues after detox, and that’s where Serenity Lodge can help you. We have a beautiful, 22-acre facility in Lake Arrowhead, CA, and we help men overcome lingering alcohol withdrawal symptoms through a variety of evidence-based therapies and holistic recovery methods. If you’re still feeling withdrawal symptoms, or you have co-occurring medical issues, you can start treatment in our partial hospitalization program (PHP).

Achieve Holistic Sobriety at Serenity Lodge

Getting sober is only the beginning of your journey, so we’re here to help you learn how to stay sober. Our program is spiritually oriented and fully accredited by the Joint Commission, a governing body recognizing healthcare excellence. Focusing on spirituality has allowed many men to develop a better manner of living, which helps prevent relapse. You’ll learn different techniques like meditation that have been proven to be highly successful with decreasing anxiety and depression. You’ll also be involved in various group activities, where you’ll interact with other Clients trying to achieve sobriety as well. Some techniques utilized in our programs include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Trauma Informed Counseling

Serenity Lodge works with various insurance providers. The Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to provide you with coverage, and we’ll help guide you through that process.

If you’re a male struggling with a physical dependence to alcohol, it’s time to get help. Give Serenity Lodge a call today at (855) 932-4045 to verify your insurance or learn more about our programs.