Man Suffering From Symptoms of AlcoholismWhen it comes to recognizing the symptoms of alcoholism, identifying whether or not they’re present can often be a challenge. Whether you’re attempting to identify alcoholism in yourself or a loved one, identification is an important first step toward sobriety.

Identifying Symptoms of Alcoholism

Some individuals exhibit multiple warning signs that alcoholism is developing. If you’re unable to control how much you drink or find it too hard to abstain from alcohol, you may be venturing toward alcoholism. Having a high tolerance, drinking alone or in secret, and becoming irritable when you can’t drink are all warning signs as well.

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Other warning signs may include:

  • Preferring to drink over engaging in other activities.
  • Experiencing blackouts frequently when drinking.
  • Becoming irritable when you can’t drink and you want to.
  • Having to drink in order to feel normal.

Physical Symptoms Of Alcoholism

Individuals who abuse alcohol or suffer from alcoholism often have flushed skin or broken capillaries. A husky voice, trembling hands, and bloody stool are other common indicators. Some individuals may find blood in their vomit or routinely experience diarrhea.

High blood pressure, osteoporosis, and sexual problems are all common for individuals who abuse alcohol. Over time, alcoholism can lead to extensive liver damage while also negatively affecting the nervous system, heart, and brain as well.

Drinking patterns aren’t the same for every individual suffering from alcoholism. While some individuals get drunk every day, others may binge at specific times. Ultimately, if drinking impacts your behavior or affects your livelihood, you’re likely suffering from some form of alcoholism.

Overcoming Symptoms of Alcoholism Is Safer With Professional Help

Alcohol is notorious for being one of the most difficult substances to detox and recover from. Addiction is a chronic disease, and easy access to alcohol creates the perfect opportunity for relapse. If you’ve decided to work toward recovering from symptoms of alcoholism, seeking professional assistance is the safest route.

By detoxing and beginning recovery in a professional setting, you offer yourself the best chance at achieving sustainable sobriety. Surrounded by professionals, you can rest assured that you’re in the safest environment possible. With professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you’ll be far away from any of the triggers that may lead to immediate relapse as well. This will allow you to focus on building the habits needed to stay sober.

Serenity Lodge in California provides a safe haven for men seeking alcohol addiction recovery. Focused on the healing of the body, mind, and spirit, our 22-acre, alcohol rehab for men offers individual and group counseling grounded in 12-step principles.

At Serenity Lodge, we offer a wide range of amenities for Clients who are seeking sobriety. When you’re not taking advantage of life-changing therapies, you can spend time in our 12-person sauna or take a dip in our large, outdoor pool. We also offer a 1,500 square foot gym is available and an indoor racquetball court.

Clients can also take advantage of:

  • Nutritional prepared meals therapy
  • Fitness therapy
  • Meditation therapy

Don’t wait any longer to seek help for you or a loved one. Take the first step toward a sober lifestyle. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045.