No man needs to struggle with addiction recovery alone. A heroin addiction can be difficult to conquer alone, but trained and compassionate professionals. If you or someone you love needs treatment for heroin addiction, Serenity Lodge is the ideal choice. Explore the amenities, recovery process, and benefits of overcoming addiction at Serenity Lodge.

Spacious and Private Location

Treatment for Heroin AddictionHeroin rehab comes in many varieties. Although you can find help in clinical, hospital-like settings, that is rarely an appealing choice. Recovery is hard, but you don’t need to suffer. Serenity Lodge boasts a spacious setting with plenty of opportunities to explore, relax and unwind.

With over 22 acres available to Clients, the premises are far from cramped or crowded. Plus, this environment offers plenty of privacy. Whether you’re a business executive in a high-profile career or you just want to retain your anonymity, this secluded spot lets you recover with respect and dignity. Despite the private location, it’s still conveniently located in Southern California.

Evidence-Based Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Treatment for heroin addiction is not one-size-fits-all. There are so many different treatment methods available, and each can offer benefits to Clients. Some of the most effective methods to overcome a heroin addiction include cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, grief counseling, and Experiential Therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of talk therapy that can change the way that you view the world. If your negative mindset or black-and-white way of thinking is holding you back, then cognitive behavioral therapy can help you become more positive. This can eliminate self-sabotage, and it can make you a more mindful person.

Group therapy is often used in addiction treatment. This means that men can express themselves without worrying about being judged. It’s a supportive environment where individuals can share, learn, listen, and get advice.

Grief counseling can target potential underlying issues that might be leading to addiction. Often, heroin use stems from a big loss. Grief counseling can focus on that, resolve it and ensure that Clients are better prepared for life after rehab.

Experiential Therapy is another excellent way to fight back against addiction. This is a way to bring joy to everyday life, and it is a fun social activity. Sing-alongs, drum circles or jam sessions in the recording studio are all great ways to have fun and get creative in a safe, healthy way.

Incredible Amenities to Aid Recovery

Evidence-based methods of treatment are the foundation of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. However, overcoming a heroin addiction can also include holistic remedies. At Serenity Lodge, there are a variety of facilities and amenities that can boost overall health. Fitness facilities, for example, can boost mood, increase circulation and deliver endorphins, all of which are helpful in recovery.

Some of the top amenities that Clients will appreciate while in rehab include:

  • Movie theater
  • Music therapy and professional recording studio
  • Sauna and pool
  • Large fitness facility
  • Library
  • Meditation space

Emphasis on Relapse Prevention

Heroin abuse is a serious problem, and not everyone who receives treatment is sober for a lifetime. That’s why relapse prevention has to be a focus during rehab. Relapse prevention is all about acknowledging the risks of relapse. When you’re aware of it, you’ll be better able to avoid it.

Relapse prevention can mean setting up a strong support system. This might be family members, friends or a local support group. It can also mean creating coping mechanisms for cravings. Exercise, cooking, singing or getting plenty of sleep might all be effective ways of coping.

Support and Accountability

While men need treatment for heroin addiction, they also need support. Having access to counselors, as well as peers, means having accountability. There is always someone around to offer encouragement, and no one ever has to feel alone. This is invaluable, and it is a big part of successfully overcoming an addiction to heroin.

Fighting back against a heroin addiction is challenging, but the right help makes a difference. At Serenity Lodge in California, Clients can receive comprehensive treatment for heroin addiction. Call (855) 932-4045 to learn more about rehab and how you can start living the life you deserve.