Addiction preys on both Men. Physiologically, however, it affects them differently. When rehab centers take into account the differences between Men, they can achieve a higher rate of success. For males, a men’s alcohol addiction rehab program is the best answer.

Men’s Alcohol Addiction Rehab Takes Traditional Gender Roles Into Account

Man Who Needs a Men's Alcohol Addiction Rehab ProgramIn society, certain gender roles form naturally. They typically develop as a result of people’s culture. Whether gender roles are right or wrong is a separate debate. However, they create physiological differences between Men.

Men’s alcohol addiction rehab takes these differences into account. Experts have found that considering gender roles improves the quality and speed of recovery. Drug abuse triggers usually relate back to gender roles in some way. Failure to consider them can result in missing certain triggers that may cause relapse in the future.

Identifying Initial Contrast

Men’s alcohol addiction rehab centers can also help people identify what some experts call the initial contrast. The initial contrast is the differences between Men and their first exposure to drugs. It also takes into account the large spectrum of differences that Men share initially in regard to addiction.

Experts call it the initial contrast because, on some level, Men share many similarities in addiction. However, being able to identify drug exposure and vulnerabilities on the surface is important. It’s this initial contrast between Men that makes finding gender-specific rehab centers so important.

Environmental Factors and Genetics

Experts believe that drug abuse affects Men on an environmental and genetic level, too. These genetics and other factors create different pathways to addiction. In fact, they play a role in how early people develop the disease.

For example, men develop drug addiction at a much earlier age than women. Also, women are more likely to seek rehab help first. Because of these differences, men typically have a much harder time overcoming addiction. Enrolling in a men’s alcohol addiction rehab takes these differences into account.

Hormones also play a role in the development of addiction. For example, women with higher levels of progesterone and estrogen were more likely to exhibit negative emotions. Negative thoughts and emotions can eventually lead to mental disorders such as addiction.

While hormones also affect drug use within men, it’s less of an issue. Since hormones aren’t a major focus for men, men’s alcohol addiction rehab centers don’t focus on this aspect as much.

Another genetic difference between Men is metabolism. In general, women have a higher metabolism than men, so their bodies metabolize drugs faster. As a result, women usually need to take less of a drug to feel the effects. Men have to take more of a drug to feel the effects, which leads to a higher rate of addiction.

Addressing Reasons Why Men Abuse Drugs

Men abuse drugs for different reasons. Men’s rehab centers address these reasons more in depth than co-ed facilities. Some of the most common reasons why men turn to drugs include:

  • Financial stress
  • Peer pressure
  • Relationship problems
  • Career stress
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

At a male-only rehab center, these issues are more relatable to everyone there. During group therapy, everyone can more closely relate to these issues. When people relate in therapy, it makes it easier for them to see that they’re not alone.

Serenity Lodge Can Help You Overcome Your Addiction

Serenity Lodge knows the benefit of gender-specific rehab. That’s why we offer male-only addiction treatment programs. We work closely with men to ensure that they get custom treatments with a combination of our many services, including:

Our facility is rich with amenities and has a lot to offer. When you stay with us, you can take advantage of our 12-person sauna, golf course, and movie theatre. These features help our clients relax and reduce stress so that they can focus on treatment.

Don’t let your addiction get the best of you. Get rehab treatment that focuses on the needs of men at Serenity Lodge. Reach out to our friendly staff at (855) 932-4045 for more information.