Men Discussing Sobriety at Our Outpatient Rehab ProgramOvercoming a substance abuse problem calls for the best therapeutic approaches possible. But did you know that the framework within that treatment is just as important? Case in point is treatment via an outpatient rehab program. Could this be the setting that works best for your needs?

Three Standard Program Options for People Seeking Help with Overcoming an Addiction

The majority of addiction therapy centers offer three distinct frameworks. Residential inpatient rehab is a program that invites Clients to live at the facility. It benefits men with co-dependent, unsupportive, or dangerous home environments. Because it offers increased supervision, it also greatly helps men who’ve suffered serial relapses.

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A partial hospitalization program lets you spend a full day at the facility and undergo all of the treatments that your peers experience. However, in the evening, when everyone settles in for the night, you return home. The third setting is the outpatient rehab program, which allows you to attend therapies on a more flexible basis.

Who’s a Good Candidate for an Outpatient Rehab Program?

Keep in mind that not everyone will do well in this setting. An outpatient treatment arrangement lacks the consistent supervision that an inpatient program offers. Also, it requires you to be highly motivated to overcome a substance abuse problem. As a result, it helps if you have a support network in the form of a peer group or family.

With this support network in place, outpatient treatment offers flexibility that may be perfect for your needs. Some benefits include:

  • Regularly scheduled talk therapy sessions
  • Flexibility that lets you work or attend to home responsibilities as needed
  • Adaptation to therapeutic modalities as you progress in your recovery
  • Access to holistic care, which includes nutrition counseling
  • A men’s only treatment setting that focuses on your gender-based strengths and helps you to overcome weaknesses in this manner

What Happens after the Program’s Completion?

Psychotherapy and group meetings address trauma, the why behind your substance abuse, and steps to overcome negative patterns. But what happens when you and your therapist agree that your recovery is progressing well and it’s time for discharge? Informal aftercare and relapse prevention fortify you after leaving the outpatient rehab program.

Examples of discussion topics include how to deal with stressors and how to prevent the temptation to use again. Since they no longer use, participants typically already know how to balance their idle time. Even so, it makes to address those non-busy moments. Therapists help you to set up a benchmark for evaluating your actions, thoughts, and feelings.

Now is also an excellent opportunity to put together a support network that helps to hold you accountable. People participating in a 12-step program will find that this is part of the process. Those who don’t participate in this treatment group option build a network for assistance that’s invaluable during times of stress.

Are You Ready to Check into Outpatient Rehab at Serenity Lodge?

If you’re struggling with a substance abuse problem, you now have an option to overcome the addiction. An outpatient rehab program at Serenity Lodge could be the key to lasting sobriety. Call us now at (855) 932-4045 for more information.