Man Wishing More Residential Treatment Centers Used Gender-Responsive ProgramsResidential treatment centers like Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, California offer clients a fresh start away from the bad habits and situations that may have contributed to their addiction. Sometimes getting away from one’s old lifestyle is the only way to completely commit to a new path and move forward free of any distractions.

Serenity Lodge provides a safe and caring male-only treatment facility on 22 acres of scenic surroundings. Clients at Serenity Lodge get to experience evidence-based treatment methods such as 12-Step, along with holistic treatments like expressive art therapy.

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Sometimes those suffering from addiction believe that detox is the easiest method to get them sober and “cure” them of addiction. However, detox is only a first step in recovering from addiction. The destructive behaviors that lie beneath the disease of addiction are truly to blame and that’s why cognitive behavioral therapy during residential treatment is so effective. Cognitive behavioral therapy correlates feelings and thoughts and how they fuel reactions rather than the stressful or upsetting events and situations directly.

Why Residential Treatment Centers Are So Effective

Even though there are plenty of patients who can benefit from outpatient treatment programs and those who need it due to family or work commitments, residential inpatient treatment is still considered the most effective for addiction. Serenity Lodge at Lake Arrowhead offers both outpatient programs and inpatient programs to serve all our clients’ unique needs. However, residential treatment offers certain advantages that can’t be fully experienced during an outpatient program.

The first advantage is the distance it provides from the previous lifestyle of addicted persons. When you decide to attend a residential treatment facility, you are placing yourself in a safe environment far away from your previous environment, which likely contributed to your addiction in the first place. Even the very best therapists and counselors find it a challenge to treat patients who spend their time away from therapy surrounded by situations and triggers that result in addictive behavior. In a residential treatment facility, patients don’t have access to these triggers and are then free to focus on adjusting their behavior in a safe and secure environment.

The next advantage is that clients of Serenity Lodge have access to continuous monitoring in order to help keep track of their progress and learn to recognize and cope with triggers. During a residential stay, you have the opportunity to develop a strong connection with staff and other clients that isn’t possible when attending outpatient treatment. Because Serenity is a male-only treatment center, clients have the opportunity to relax in a way that they couldn’t do at a co-ed treatment center. Men deal with addiction and substance abuse differently from women and it’s often more difficult for them to open up in co-ed situations, just as it is for women with similar disorders.

What to Expect at Residential Treatment Centers

As previously mentioned, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a big part of treatment during a residential stay. Part of CBT is encouraging positive methods of coping with stress and triggers. Some of these coping methods include:

  • Turning negativity into positivity
  • Writing down feelings and thoughts
  • Expressive art therapy to reroute emotions
  • Meditation to relax and set the mind at ease
  • Exercise to keep both body and mind healthy

The recovery process at Serenity includes CBT as well as 12-Steprelapse prevention and group and family counseling.

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