Consumed alone, both cocaine and alcohol can potentially cause serious mental and physical consequences. Mixing the two only exacerbates problems, which can lead to a range of unpleasant side effects. Some cases might even be fatal.

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Signs of Combining Cocaine and Alcohol

Individual Struggling with Cocaine and Alcohol AddictionsWhen it comes to using cocaine and alcohol, the former speeds up your body’s metabolism. While your high increases, it also cancels out your feeling of being drunk. In fact, alcohol poisoning can occur because you drink excessively without ever feeling the effect.

Several signs of co-occurring abuse from alcohol and cocaine include:

  • Greater alertness
  • Excessive talking
  • Extreme paranoia
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Loss of appetite

Mixing these two substances also speeds up your heart rate to incredibly dangerous levels. Overdosing or experiencing fatal effects from concurrent use can also occur.

Mixing alcohol with cocaine causes the body to produce cocaethylene, which can alter the intoxication you would get from either substance alone. As it builds in body tissues, this chemical becomes extremely toxic and can lead to harmful cardiovascular effects.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Cocaine and Alcohol Addiction

Despite the dangerous effects of concurrent addiction to these substances, professional rehabilitation programs can help people kick this addiction. Cocaine is so addictive that quitting alone is nearly impossible. Alcohol comes with its own set of addictive habits and problems. Professional help is the best treatment in nearly all cases when a person combines both.

Treatment may include prescribed medications at a detox facility to address withdrawals and side effects. Serenity Lodge partners with a trusted facility to give you the care you need. Our therapy sessions can help you understand underlying issues that led to you abusing substances.

In many situations, addictions aren’t simply about drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Some people experience traumas and find that drug dependence is their only coping mechanism. Others suffer from untreated mental health disorders. Treatment facilities with dual-diagnosis programs offer the best hope of fully recovering.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis for Cocaine and Alcohol Use

For the best chance at a successful recovery, it’s crucial that both addictive habits receive concurrent treatment. Comprehensive care transfers to comprehensive recovery.

Generally, dual diagnosis treatments employ a variety of interventions to address each condition, as well as the interplay between alcohol and cocaine use. Some additional forms of addiction therapy include:

In some cases, a person might begin detox treatment before another concurrent condition is discovered. This might happen because addictive substances can distort mental health symptoms. If so, treatment specialists should quickly modify the treatment plan accordingly.

Serenity Lodge Treats Dual Diagnosis Disorders

Recovering from addiction to cocaine and alcohol often involve ongoing withdrawal symptoms that may last days or months. While these short-term effects are normal, continuing to live your life under the influence isn’t. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment will guide you toward a better way of living.

Not only are we equipped to help alleviate what you go through during treatment, we make sure our Clients have access to everything they need to succeed. Our facility offers unique plans for Clients who suffer from emotional and/or psychiatric illness when combining drugs and alcohol.

Managing the addiction is only one part. We have coping skills education to help you also manage a mental health disorder. Onsite AA and NA meetings keep you connected to support after treatment.

All this and more is available on 22 acres of land in a peaceful environment that encourages full recovery. You can have a private room and access to amenities such as a gym, golf, and medication pyramid.

You or a loved one deserve to get better. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 and begin on the path to recovery.