Man Struggling with Hydrocodone AddictionNo matter how hydrocodone addiction develops, it can have a potentially fatal ending. Hydrocodone is a synthetic opioid, and these medications are highly addictive. While doctors and physicians prescribe these medications to help those with chronic pain, the medications can also ruin lives. Even though doctors prescribe hydrocodone, that doesn’t make the medication entirely safe.

Understanding Hydrocodone Addiction

Humans, like many other animals, have a reward-based learning system, which helps us survive. Our brain logs every time we experience pleasure so we know to repeat certain actions. This survival mechanism helps us remember to eat food when we’re hungry or drink when thirsty. Of course, another part of the brain tells us when pursuing pleasure may put us in danger.

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Addiction develops because the part of the brain that moderates our survival instincts isn’t functioning properly. Opioids like hydrocodone release dopamine in the brain. While this gives men pleasure, it can also trick the brain into developing a dependency. The issue is that the pleasure-seeking part of the brain is more powerful than the part responsible for emotion regulation. This causes many men to develop a hydrocodone addiction.

Why Prescribe Opioids when Hydrocodone Addiction is Possible?

On one hand, addiction only affects about 10% of the world’s population, so many can take hydrocodone without issue. On the other hand, many people receive these medications as part of pain management, which is a problem. If a man’s prescription requires him to take these medications multiple times a day every day, risk of dependence is higher.

One issue we face in the United States is the fact that most people turn to medications before other methods. It’s one reason why our country prescribes over 80% of all of the opioids in the entire world. If you’re struggling with a hydrocodone addiction because of chronic pain, seeking help may seem difficult. It’s hard for someone with chronic pain to imagine a life without using these medications, but it’s possible.

Opioid Treatment Programs

Before attending a comprehensive drug addiction treatment program, it’s important that you go through a qualified opioid detoxification program. For this reason, Serenity Lodge works closely with a local detox center to help you overcome your chemical dependence. This is a crucial part of the treatment process because hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous. Through detox, you’ll have medical professionals ensuring your safety throughout the entire process.

Once detox is complete, Serenity Lodge offers men a wide range of effective therapies to overcome addiction. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or developed addictions through recreational use, we can help. We offer meditation therapy, which helps tremendously with pain, stress, anxiety, depression and many other triggers. You will see that it’s possible to regain control of your mind, which leads to controlling your actions as well.

Along with evidence-based addiction therapy, our Lake Arrowhead facility has a wide range of amenities as well. You’ll go through intensive programming to help you learn about the sources of addiction, which is crucial. Another crucial part of the recovery process is having fun and being able to relax. Our Clients have access to a movie theater, sauna, and pool while they’re here as well.

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