Doctors commonly prescribe Adderall to treat conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Classified as a stimulant, Adderall increases dopamine levels in the brain. For that reason, it’s becoming one of the most commonly abused prescription medications in our country. If you suspect that you or a loved one may have a problem with Adderall abuse, it’s essential to be aware of Adderall addiction symptoms.

Signs of an Addiction to Adderall

Woman Struggling Through Adderall Addiction SymptomsAs a brand-name amphetamine, Adderall is appealing to some individuals because it enables them to remain alert and boosts pleasurable sensations for extended periods of time. However, the recreational use of this prescription medication can create long-term problems. Pay attention to your loved one to see if he or she is exhibiting any of the following Adderall addiction symptoms.

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Crushing, Snorting, or Otherwise Manipulating the Drug

Many people who become addicted to Adderall crush and snort the medication to achieve a faster effect. Altering the medication’s format is a major sign of a problem

Sourcing the Drug

Many of those who have overcome prescription drug addiction state that they spent a significant amount of time trying to get more of the drug. Since many doctors will only prescribe a particular amount of these substances, people with an Adderall dependency may go doctor shopping or rely on friends to get the medication.

Feeling the Need to Use the Drug More Frequently

As with any other substance, the body tends to adapt to the use of these medications. When this occurs, the body needs more of the drug to produce the same stimulating effect. In this case, the individual will either consume more of the drug or take it more often.

Treating Adderall Addiction Symptoms at a Quality Rehabilitation Facility

Adderall addiction symptoms require prompt evaluation and comprehensive professional treatment. These types of facilities are equipped with the emotional and physical infrastructure of support to promote healthy detoxification and healing. Quality rehabilitation facilities can also provide continued community support after treatment is completed.

More About Serenity Lodge

Serenity Lodge is a spiritually-oriented drug rehabilitation center nestled in 22 acres of serene countryside designed to promote proper healing from addictions. Our beautiful surroundings and wide array of addiction therapy approaches focus on providing a safe environment for taking those first steps toward healing. Serenity Lodge also offers the following amenities to make this process as comfortable as possible:

  • 1,500 square foot full-service gym
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  • Sauna and pool
  • Nutritional prepared mealsal, prepared meals
  • Golf and racquetball

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