Millions of people in our country live with a heroin addiction. Statistics surrounding this condition can be depressing. However, if you need heroin addiction recovery—or someone you love needs rehab—drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Serenity Lodge can show you the path to a better life.

Heroin Addiction Statistics

Woman Who Embraced Heroin Addiction RecoveryRecent heroin addiction statistics in the United States show unprecedented drug use. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that over a half million people over the age of 12 have tried heroin. Sadly, heroin is so addictive that sometimes it only takes trying the drug once to fall into its grip.

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Heroin was once among the most fashionable illicit drugs. During the 1960s and 1970s, people abused drugs like heroin, painkillers, LSD, and speed as part of social interaction. In the 1980s, heroin use calmed as people abused cocaine, crack cocaine, and ecstasy in greater numbers. However, heroin regained popularity in the 1990s, especially among 16–25-year-olds looking for a new high. Today, over 1.5 million Americans struggle with heroin addiction.

Thankfully, heroin addiction recovery treatment has advanced over the past 40 years. This means heroin recovery is more possible today than ever before. You can gain lasting recovery with the right rehab treatment. This recovery begins with heroin withdrawal treatment during detox and continues through a quality intensive outpatient or residential rehab program.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Heroin Addiction Recovery

People using heroin need comprehensive, quality treatment in a licensed rehab. While detox is the start of the heroin addiction recovery journey, it doesn’t provide the relapse prevention skills, therapies, or wellness you need for a real chance of long-term sobriety.

One of your options for heroin recovery treatment is an intensive outpatient program (IOP). An IOP is more structured than a general outpatient treatment. However, unlike residential rehab, IOPs don’t require you to live at the facility. If you suffer only a short-term addiction to heroin or cannot gain residential rehab due to financial or personal constraints, IOP treatment can work.

Keep in mind, however, that these programs may not be effective for people suffering from long-term addiction, those without a home support system, or anyone unable to work through daily temptations. For those individuals, residential treatment for heroin addiction provides the best chance of lasting recovery.

Residential Rehab for Heroin

Heroin addiction recovery takes hard work, determination, focus, and stability. All of these attributes exist in residential rehab. Once you gain recovery, you use what you learned in residential rehab to stay sober.

Residential rehab takes you out of your stressful and toxic home environment. You live at the facility where treatment takes place. At Serenity Lodge in Southern California, this rehab takes place in a serene, safe, and relaxing environment rich with amenities for personal and spiritual growth in recovery.

Amenities and programs of Serenity Lodge include:

  • Movie theatre
  • 1,500 square foot fitness facility
  • Professional recording studio
  • Swimming pool and sauna
  • Nutritional prepared meals and meditation therapies
  • Racquetball and golf

At Serenity Lodge, you’ll gain all of the individual, group, and family therapies you need for lasting recovery. You’ll also gain relapse prevention skills and other education for strength when you need it.

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