Are you a man who likes to smoke marijuana? Have you gradually begun smoking more, resulting in an increased tolerance that requires you to smoke larger doses in order to achieve the same high? If you’re caught in the continuous cycle of marijuana addiction, you’re not alone. Millions of men just like you have this same problem, and fortunately, there is treatment available that can help.

What Does Marijuana Addiction Look Like?

Man Struggling with Marijuana AddictionMarijuana addiction might not appear the way one would imagine. It’s a natural substance that can be smoked for its relaxing and sedative effects. When smoked occasionally, it’s a relatively safe substance compared to more potent drugs like cocaine and heroin. In fact, smoking marijuana is now legal in many states.

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However, long-term marijuana use can result in many unpleasant effects to one’s health and overall well-being. Like most addictions, marijuana has the power to negatively impact the quality of your life.

Short-term marijuana effects include feelings of sedation and relaxation. This euphoria lasts around 30 minutes before the effects begin to wear off. Other effects include:

  • Short-term memory loss
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Decreased reaction time
  • Impaired coordination

While short-term marijuana use is damaging on its own, long-term use can have lasting consequences. Individuals who begin smoking during their adolescent years can see an eight-point decline in their IQ. This can lead to poor performance at school and work, along with difficulty thinking and learning new or complex tasks.

Socially, prolonged marijuana use can lead to problems in personal relationships. Additionally, many people also experience financial problems as a result of their habitual drug seeking and abuse.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment for Men

If marijuana abuse and addiction have started to negatively impact the quality of your life, it might be time to seek professional help from a reputable and capable source. Located in California, Serenity Lodge offers a safe haven for men to recover. Our experienced staff is ready to help you tackle your addiction so that you can move on to lead a healthy, sober, and productive life.

Our men’s only, spiritually oriented drug rehab facility is situated on 22 acres of land. It’s for the perfect setting for Clients to get away from the stress of the real world and focus solely on their recovery. Our amenity-rich facility is welcoming and comfortable, so Clients never have to worry that they will receive the compassionate care that they need and deserve while on this journey. Our rehab is much different than the sterile rehab experience of clinical, hospital-like settings. Beating addiction is our leading concern, and we will dedicate ourselves to helping you reach your sobriety goals.

Some of our addiction treatment programs include:

Along with premium clinical care, we also have an on-site fitness facility, movie theater, professional recording studio, sauna, pool, racquetball court, and library, all for our Clients’ convenience. We want you to feel at ease during your time with us so that all of your efforts can go towards healing and regaining your strength, independence, and self-worth.

Find the Addiction Therapy You Need in California

If you need help combating marijuana addiction, you have come to the right place. Our men’s drug rehab center Serenity Lodge in California, has the top-rated treatment tools and services that you need to win this battle over addiction, once and for all. If you’re ready to make your sobriety a top priority, call admissions now at (855) 932-4045.