Also called “Oxy,” OxyContin is a brand of drug that includes oxycodone, which is a strong opioid painkiller. Doctors prescribe Oxy to treat moderate to severe chronic pain. Although it’s generally safe when used as directed, many individuals abuse or misuse the drug and develop an OxyContin addiction.

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, just under two million Americans abuse opioid painkillers each day. Almost 50 people die each day in the United States from painkiller overdose. Additionally, people using OxyContin and other prescription painkillers are 19 times more likely to start using heroin.

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Is My Loved One Stuck in OxyContin Addiction?

Man in His Bedroom Struggling with OxyContin AddictionIf you think your loved one is struggling with an OxyContin addiction, there are signs and symptoms of possible OxyContin addiction. One of the biggest signs is that you no longer recognize your loved one. His behavior has changed so much that he’s a completely different person than before his drug use.

If your loved one is compulsively abusing OxyContin, he may spend a significant amount of his day seeking more of the drug. This includes trying to buy it on the street, getting pills from acquaintances, or even trying to steal illegal prescriptions. Additionally, he may go “doctor shopping,” which is an attempt to gain multiple prescriptions for the drug through several doctors at once.

Physical signs of oxycodone addiction include lethargy, tiny pupils, intense drowsiness, dry mouth, a look of confusion or disorientation, and lost interest in activities they once enjoyed. People abusing OxyContin suffer many problems in their own lives, including with relationships, work, school, and home life. They lose weight, slur speech, itch all over their bodies, and exhibit problems with concentration and memory. OxyContin abuse also causes vomiting, depression, euphoria, and sleep problems.

If your loved one struggles with an Oxy addiction, he may feel “dope sick” when he attempts to quit using the drug. These symptoms also appear when they can’t find more of the drug when they need it. Symptoms of dope sickness include excessive yawning, runny nose, watery eyes, muscle aches, sleep problems, sweating, fever, and chills. They also suffer a bad mood, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Of course, if your loved one’s behavior has recently changed drastically, you know something is going on. You may also find pill bottles around their house and car, little plastic baggies, white powder residue, powder stains, or missing pills from your own medicine cabinet.

OxyContin Abuse Is a One-Way Ticket to Addiction and Other Problems

OxyContin abuse affects people abusing it in a variety of ways. If they inject the drug, they risk contracting infections and diseases like hepatitis and HIV. They also suffer collapsed veins, abscesses, heart infection, and cellulitis. People who inhale or “snort” the drug can suffer a perforated nasal septum and chronic sinus infections.

Many personal, financial, and legal problems occur as a result of oxycodone abuse and addiction. These include drug possession arrest or charges for forgery, robbery, burglary or receiving stolen goods. Addiction destroys relationships at home and work, including marriages ending in divorce and jobs being lost. Not only that, but it can also lead to the worst irreversible outcome of all: death.

Help for Addiction to OxyContin in Southern California

If you or a man you love is stuck in the cycle of OxyContin abuse and addiction, you need comprehensive addiction treatment programs in a quality drug and alcohol treatment center. People from all over Southern California and throughout the United States turn to Serenity Lodge for OxyContin addiction treatment.

Serenity Lodge offers a relaxing, peaceful, and amenity-rich environment for men seeking to change their lives. Along with proven addiction therapy methods, we offer:

  • Fitness therapy in a 1,500 square foot gym
  • Meditation
  • Movie theater
  • Professional recording studio
  • 12-person sauna and pool
  • Racquetball and golf
  • Nutritional prepared meals therapy

For adult males seeking lasting recovery from OxyContin addiction, there’s no better place for a fresh start in recovery, than Serenity Lodge. Serenity Lodge treats drug and alcohol addictions using proven therapies and treatment methods.

If you’re ready to take the steps toward lasting recovery, call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045.