Man Exhibiting Signs of AddictionMany individuals start using drugs or alcohol as emotional or physical crutches in their lives. They may be going through financial, physical, or even relationship issues. Regardless of how they became addicted in the first place, most men who struggle with this disease will eventually show the same or similar signs of addiction.

What Are the Major Signs of Addiction?

If you’re worried that a close friend or family member may be struggling with addiction, it’s important that you play a role in helping them get better. However, you need to first figure out if the individual is actually struggling with an addiction. While it can be difficult to tell sometimes, knowing these clinical signs and symptoms can be helpful:

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  • Flushed skin or broken face capillaries
  • Nausea, insomnia, and headaches when they’re not drinking or using
  • Disorientation or poor motor skills
  • Using as a crutch for difficult feelings
  • Constant irritability, mood swings, and depression
  • Drinking or using alone

In addition to these symptoms, there are also many behavioral signs of addiction that may be apparent to friends or loved ones. Individuals who struggle with various substance addictions often develop mood swings both when they’re drinking or using and when they’re not. This may be particularly true if you bring up the issue of addiction with the individual.

Secrecy is another big part of addiction. Individuals who struggle with substance abuse don’t want anyone to know about it. They may drink or use drugs with others who have similar problems, but they will try to hide it from their family members and friends who don’t partake in those activities.

Finally, a common symptom of drug or alcohol abuse is when individuals stop participating in activities they used to enjoy. They may spend less time socializing with friends or family members, pursuing their hopes and dreams, and going to work or school.

Is Staying Close to Home the Best Option?

Most individuals who are on the lookout for a quality treatment center will look in their local area first. While this is a natural tendency, getting individuals away from their home area is what’s best in most cases.

Going to a secluded, peaceful environment will enable your loved one to have a fresh start during recovery. It will also get him away from temptations and negative influences that may be lurking around every corner.

How Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead Can Help

If a man in your life needs life-changing drug or alcohol addiction treatment, Serenity Lodge could be the perfect solution. Located in Lake Arrowhead, California, our male-only facility has helped numerous Clients embrace the recovery process.

In addition to the top-quality addiction treatment programs, we offer numerous amenities, including spacious housing, a premium fitness center, and access to yoga and meditation therapy.

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