Spice and K2 are both names for synthetic marijuana. Often disguised as potpourri, room deodorizer, or even vape smoking flavors, synthetic marijuana is legally available. This makes it easy to obtain and even easier to become addicted to, like other commonly abused substances. If you or someone you love is struggling with synthetic marijuana addiction, you need the help of licensed addiction treatment professionals.

Truths of Synthetic Marijuana Addiction

Man Overwhelmed by Synthetic Marijuana AddictionSynthetic marijuana addiction happens easily and produces severe withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit using the drug. Whether you’ve developed an addiction or not, there are also many side effects to using the drug. This is why many states have made synthetic marijuana illegal. Government officials and health care providers know synthetic marijuana is dangerous.

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Someone who uses synthetic marijuana is likely to suffer extreme side effects, such as psychosis, paranoia, and hallucinations. This makes the synthetic form of marijuana more dangerous than marijuana, itself. Due to reduced blood flow to the heart, Spice or K2 abuse can potentially lead to kidney failure and heart attacks.

Synthetic marijuana is rarely the same composition of ingredients from brand to brand. Manufacturers keep changing the formulation of chemicals to bypass new laws. This means you never know exactly what you’re smoking or how the compound will affect you. It’s also almost impossible to know what your side effects will be from batch to batch.

Synthetic Marijuana Side Effects

Synthetic marijuana provides side effects similar to those of natural marijuana. These include euphoria, altered perception, relaxed feelings and other, more dangerous side effects. The dangers of spice vary according to the chemicals used to create the specific version of the drug you use. Serious side effects include:

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Hypertension
  • Reduced blood flow to the heart
  • Hallucinations, aggression, and paranoia
  • Kidney damage
  • Intense anxiety and panic attacks
  • Seizures

No one knows the extent of long-term damage caused by spice. This is because synthetic marijuana is so new to the market.

K2 and Spice Addiction Withdrawal

Using synthetic marijuana leads to addiction. This starts with physical dependence on the drug. Unlike real marijuana, the synthetic version causes severe withdrawal symptoms. Some spice withdrawal symptoms are head ache, sweating, tremors, drug cravings, psychotic symptoms, depression, and suicidal ideations.

Like other addictions, overcoming synthetic marijuana requires professional help for lasting recovery.

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