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Yeah, you could say that I’ve always had it rough. Using, it was just a way to make life bearable.


Ever since I was a kid, my mom always told me that I ran with the wrong crowd. She wanted a better life for me, but I ended up letting her down anyway.


But thinking of her, she’s the reason I got myself into treatment.


When I was younger, I used to stand by completely helpless, as I watched my dad give her a new bruise or choke her from saying something he didn’t want to hear.


That man made me so angry. I vowed that I wouldn’t end up like him, a low-life with nothing but prison in his future.


But it seems I couldn’t avoid his footsteps completely. As I grew up, one minute I was slinging on the streets, the next I was in a concrete cellar.


Drugs were a way of life for me. They let me escape my past and completely numb my future.


But when I thought of my mom and how she looked at me with those handcuffs, I knew I had to change, for her.


It was hard, but I got clean and I stayed clean. Serenity Lodge helped me confront my past so I could finally put all that BS behind me and begin again.


This time I can be the son my mom always wanted me to be.


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