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Thousands of people enter alcohol treatment centers in the California Bay area each year. That number doesn’t take into account the people that have relapsed after they’ve left their treatment program. No matter how long you stayed in treatment or how well it went, relapsing is always a possibility. If you’ve relapsed after going through alcohol rehab in the California Bay area, you should try a different program.

What Could Have Gone Wrong With Your Alcohol Rehab In The California Bay Area

Alcohol rehab is about more than just going through programs and learning. In order to have an effective treatment experience, you need to go through programs that cater to your specific needs. These programs need to get to the core of your addiction problems and initiate change at a fundamental level. Thus, the treatment facility you choose needs programs that help your body, mind, and spirit. Without that balance, you’ll be ill-prepared to face the real world.

Traveling away from home is also important during treatment. If you live in the California Bay area and stayed there for recovery, distractions could have interfered. No matter how badly you feel like you need to mend bridges or go back to work, it’s important to focus on yourself during treatment. The more addiction treatment you give yourself, the more ready you’ll be to face life’s triggers and difficulties.

Other Treatment Options Outside Of Alcohol Rehab In The California Bay Area

Traveling farther away to a more balanced alcohol rehab center can be exactly what you need during your recovery. Serenity Lodge, located almost seven hours away from the California Bay area, provides you with enough distance from your home to focus solely on yourself. Despite the lengthy drive, you won’t sacrifice any of the outdoor perks that alcohol rehab in the California Bay area will have. Our 22-acre lot next to Arrowhead Lake gives you a unique outdoor experience.

Along with that, we make sure our clients are getting the full treatment they need. We offer programs that will help you completely and touches on the core problems you’re having with your alcohol addiction. Each program you take will not only help you, but will be safe and supervised so someone is there to help you when certain challenges become difficult. Those same professionals will be around at any point during your stay, meaning that you’ll be safe anywhere you go on our grounds and at any time.

If you’re also struggling with any sort of psychiatric illness, we can provide you with professional level care. With our dual diagnosis program you’ll learn the specifics on your illness, learn how to cope with it, and be offered medication as needed to help you focus on your full recovery.

Serenity Lodge Can Provide You With The Second Chance You Need

If alcohol rehab in the California Bay area didn’t work for you, you’re not out of options.

There are good alternatives to alcohol treatment centers in California.

Reach out to Serenity Lodge for help. Our programs and staff are here to help you through your recovery. Call us today at (855) 932-4045 to find out how our programs will help when alcohol rehab in the California Bay area did not.