Alcohol Rehab For Men in Los Angeles

With alcohol abuse running rampant locally, you would think it would be easy to find a quality alcohol rehab for men in Los Angeles.

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From 2009 to 2010, 25.6% in Los Angeles county received treatment for alcohol abuse. Although that number decreased in 2012 to 23%, it’s clear that alcohol abuse is a continuing problem throughout the county. Although the addiction treatment entry levels are high, that doesn’t mean that the success rates are. You may find an alcohol rehab for men in Los Angeles, but it may not help you in all the ways you need, especially if you live in Los Angeles.

Why Alcohol Rehab For Men In Los Angeles May Not Work For You

Los Angeles is filled with many distractions. When you live in the area, those distractions can cause you problems during treatment. Instead of focusing on your wellness and recovery, your mind can wander to not only fun activities you could be doing, but also nearby loved ones, friends, and associates that you could be spending time with. These distractions could cause you to spend time away from much-needed treatment and possibly drop out entirely, which could easily lead to you relapsing.

By giving yourself distance from distractions in Los Angeles, you’re giving yourself the space that you need to heal. You don’t have to travel far. Lake Arrowhead, California, which is less than a two-hour drive from Los Angeles, could provide you with the space you need to focus on your treatment.

What Lake Arrowhead Can Provide You That Alcohol Rehab For Men In Los Angeles Can’t

Serenity Lodge, located on Lake Arrowhead, brings a spiritual approach to treatment. We believe that our treatment programs need to treat people body, mind and soul. We can give you the distance from distractions that an alcohol rehab for men in Los Angeles won’t give you. In addition, we can also provide you with the full-healing care that you need.

Along with our spiritual programs, we offer dual diagnosis treatment, which means that if you’re struggling with a mental illness or some other psychological disorder, you can get the medical care and support that you need. We will mix the cognitive therapies that you need to combat your illness with the care you receive during regular alcohol rehab programs. The therapists you work with will also coordinate your treatment with the other health professionals at the center and make sure that your treatment works with your illness.

We offer a 22-acre location to our clients that gives them the freedom to exist in the California sunshine without all the distractions that a alcohol rehab for men in Los Angeles will have. At this location, you can go outside for spiritual treatment and cooperate with others to make progress and find your way to a life without alcohol addiction.

Step Away From An Alcohol Rehab For Men In Los Angeles To Get The Care You Need

Head to Lake Arrowhead and let our team at Serenity Lodge help you get through addiction. We believe that we can offer you the care you need to live a lasting life of sobriety. Our treatment options and location will give you the education and guidance you need to push through your treatment and come out feeling like you can handle the triggers that life throws your way. We will help you feel strong and independent, even when you don’t think that treatment is going well for you.

Don’t keep struggling with addiction. Serenity Lodge can help you live the sober life you really want and need. Step away from an alcohol rehab for men in Los Angeles and call us today at (855) 932-4045 to find out what our treatment options can do for you.