Alcohol Rehab For Men in Orange County CA

Since Orange County has a substance abuse problem that isn’t going away, attending alcohol rehab for men in Orange County CA may not be conducive to long-term recovery. 

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Deaths from alcohol and drug overdose in Orange County CA rose by over 51% from 2000 to 2012, according to the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Division. This statistic is only one grim finding of the 2013 Drug & Alcohol Overdose Hospitalization & Death report by the OC Health Care Agency.

Other statistics related to alcohol and drug abuse in Orange County include:

  • More than 5,000 people are hospitalized and nearly 600 die each year due to drug or alcohol overdose
  • About 46% of those hospitalizations involve alcohol overdose
  • More than 35% of overdose deaths in Orange County are due to use of alcohol and drugs at the same time
  • About 80% of overdose deaths are accidental
  • More hospitalizations and death due to drugs or alcohol occur along the more picturesque coastal regions than in non-coastal areas of the county

Alternatives to a Local Alcohol Rehab for Men in Orange County CA

If you or a man in your life struggles with alcohol addiction and needs treatment, seeking local alcohol rehab for men in Orange County CA is not the only option. Only 75 miles from Orange County in San Bernardino County, CA is a treatment center that may offer greater opportunity for recovery in a far more peaceful and relaxing setting. This treatment center is Serenity Lodge of Arrowhead.

Serenity Lodge may be a good alternative for alcohol rehab for men in Orange County CA because of the distance between home and the facility. This distance still provides convenience of easy access to loved ones for visitation or support and is easy to reach by car in less than 90 minutes. Serenity Lodge offers the benefits that those seeking alcohol rehab for men in Orange County CA want. Getting out of the OC provides fuller focus on recovery, but regional security and familiarity still exist so close to home.

Why Lake Arrowhead Instead of Alcohol Rehab for Men in Orange County CA

By traveling only an hour and a half from home, clients of Serenity Lodge in Arrowhead, CA gain so much more than they could experience in Orange County. Serenity Lodge is situated on 22 beautiful acres where clients can enjoy an amenity-rich environment of comfort and compassion for their optimum chance of recovery. Introspection and solidification in sobriety are easier to gain in the peaceful surroundings without the noise, local triggers and temptations of Orange County.

The outdoor environment around Serenity Lodge provides men working to overcome addiction the room to explore while gaining clarity and strength in their new sobriety. But in all of this space, support is also strong. Only male peers can truly understand the struggles and motivations of men in addiction.

Integration of the 12 steps forms a foundation for at-home community support in similar aftercare programs or sober living. Evidence-based therapies of individual counseling, group counseling, dual diagnosis care and family support keep community and relationships on the right track while the benefits of peaceful retreat are enjoyed. Everything needed from alcohol rehab for men in Orange County CA is provided at Serenity Lodge, along with private rooms, greater outdoor space, a men’s only program, a vast array of amenities and distance from local stressors.

Serenity Lodge in Arrowhead, CA for Alcohol Rehab for Men

Although the spaciousness, quiet and fresh air of Serenity Lodge’s Arrowhead location seem miles away from Orange County, alcohol rehab for men in this beautiful setting is only a relatively short distance from home.

If you or a man in your life need help for alcohol addiction, call Serenity Lodge now at (855) 932-4045. Everything you need for strong recovery and so much more can be found at Lake Arrowhead.