Since 2000, deaths from drug and alcohol overdose in Orange County have increased by over 51%. Over 600 people die in the county each year due to their addictions or overuse of their substance of choice. This is a tragedy, particularly considering the easy accessibility of finding a free 12-step program in Orange County CA or a semi-local program within a comfortable driving distance.

Support Can Be Found in a 12-Step Program in Orange County CA

12-Step Program in Orange County CA

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The 12 steps are available in the O.C., just as they are in virtually every corner of the United States. A reputable 12-step program in Orange County CA can provide the support, community and awareness needed to aid recovery. Such programs are free and open to anyone seeking freedom from addiction.

When it comes to lasting recovery, following the 12 steps are just one facet of achieving lifelong sobriety. Many addiction treatment centers integrate the 12 steps into the foundation of recovery and wellness programs within their facilities. When people complete these recovery programs, there is peace of mind in familiarity with 12-step methods . A 12-step program in Orange County CA can supplement detoxification, evidence-based therapies, dual diagnosis treatment and other methods.

Integrated Treatment Includes a 12-Step Program in Orange County CA and So Much More

Serenity Lodge at Lake Arrowhead offers accredited addiction treatment on a beautiful 22-acre plot. Serenity Lodge provides recovery through effective programs combining therapeutic and holistic methods for an individualized treatment plan. While a 12-step program in Orange County CA can establish consistency, treatment at Serenity Lodge encourages long-term recovery.

In the peaceful and amenity-rich surroundings of Serenity Lodge, men may gain their first exposure to a 12-step program. Clients learn the 12 steps and also receive: 

Serenity Lodge Integrates the 12 Steps Into Individualized Treatment

Only 75 miles from Orange County, Serenity Lodge provides a place of compassion and understanding for men working to overcome addiction drugs and alcohol. Serenity Lodge is a good Orange County Drug and Alcohol treatment center option.

The 12 steps are part of the program, with sober living, aftercare and return to home life benefitting from this early exposure to the vital concepts and community of the 12 steps. 

If you or a man you love are ready for lasting recovery integrating the 12 steps and proven therapeutic methods in a peaceful setting, call Serenity Lodge now at (855) 932-4045.