Each year in Orange County, more than 5,000 people are hospitalized and approximately 600 die from drug or alcohol abuse, according to Orange County Health Care Agency reports. This is an unnecessary and tragic end to life in a place known throughout the world for its sunshine, celebrities and oceanside lifestyle. However, the statistics are also testament to the struggles of living in such a place, where social competition is fierce and so much value is placed on material things that have little true importance in life. If you’re searching for an Orange County drug and alcohol treatment center, you may want to consider other alternatives as well.

Does an Orange County Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Offer the Serenity You Need?

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When working to overcome drug or alcohol addiction, serenity and introspection are needed. Getting to know one’s true self and begin strong recovery can be hard to find in or around an Orange County drug and alcohol treatment center. The culture of the O.C. encourages a certain competitive spirit in everything from socialization to business. Looking inward is more rare in a region where external beauty is a commodity and often valued above more important attributes.

Needed serenity can also be difficult to gain for many men entering recovery. They are more used to the cloudiness of thought and chaos caused by substance abuse and noise of the world around them.

When looking for an Orange County drug and alcohol treatment center, consider that introspection and self-reflection will play vital roles in your recovery. These two factors are critical for gaining insight into your personal issues so that you can develop the necessary skills to overcome future struggles in sobriety. Likewise, breaking through denial is extremely important. Without serenity in surroundings this introspection, self-reflection and a breakthrough in denial cannot be fully gained.

San Bernardino County Provides What an Orange County Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Can’t

For those seeking help for addiction in an Orange County drug and alcohol treatment center, a glance toward nearby San Bernardino County is all that’s required to find a more peaceful, hopeful and serene environment where true change can be fostered. On 22 acres only 75 miles from home at Serenity Lodge in Arrowhead, privacy and peaceful introspection are available for men seeking recovery from substance abuse. Here, proven therapeutic methods of individual counseling and group therapy, dual diagnosis treatment and family support combine with the 12 steps and an amenity-rich environment for true healing and strengthening in sobriety.

An Orange County drug and alcohol treatment center may be where you first look for potential recovery. But no facility in the O.C. offers the relaxing environment, peaceful surroundings or escape from urban sprawl that Serenity Lodge offers at Lake Arrowhead, less than an hour and a half away by car.

Men undergoing treatment at Serenity Lodge can use the peaceful surroundings to accomplish important aspects of recovery, such as:

  • Clearly recognize when their life is spinning out of control
  • Gain awareness of their own attributes, strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve communication and relationships with others
  • Become more mindful
  • Retreat from toxic relationships, triggers and temptations
  • Recognize mistakes and take responsibility for behaviors
  • Become more honest with both themselves and others

A Serene Treatment Center for Men, Only Minutes Away from Orange County

While the location is only a relatively short distance from Orange County, men gaining recovery at Serenity Lodge in Arrowhead can feel worlds away from the chaos and noise of the urban environment. On 22 acres, an amenity-rich program with private rooms can provide the space for introspection while individualized treatment plans provide strong recovery through proven therapies, dual diagnosis treatment, family groups and 12-step program integration.

As a more peaceful and amenity-rich alternative to an Orange County drug and alcohol treatment center for men, call Serenity Lodge now at (855) 932-4045. Serenity among peers in recovery can be found just a short distance away.