Millions of people residing in the United States suffer simultaneously from a substance abuse disorder and a mental health disorder. Sadly, most of these people don’t know where to go for the proper help. Do you need dual diagnosis rehab to treat both addiction and an underlying emotional issue? If so, Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead in California can help.

Addiction and Mental Disorders

Man with Co-Occurring Disorders in Need of Dual Diagnosis RehabSeparately, substance abuse and mental disorders are two common but powerful conditions that American citizens deal with on a regular basis. When combined, the co-occurring issues can cause great misery for individuals. Not surprisingly, these issues often go hand-in-hand.

Many people who suffer from a substance abuse disorder also suffer from some sort of mental health disorder. Medical professionals describe this as a dual diagnosis.

By definition, substance abuse disorder involves abusing some type of mind-altering substance. Examples of a co-occurring mental disorder include depression, bipolar disorder (BPD), anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia.

Individuals who meet the criteria for both a mental health disorder and addiction are encouraged to seek professional treatment. Neither of these conditions will improve on their own. Instead, they will manifest over time and grow into something wildly beyond the user’s control if left untreated.

At Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead in California, we have years of experience treating dual disorders. Our dual diagnosis rehab is designed to guide individuals away from substance abuse and toward a healthier lifestyle. During dual diagnosis treatment, we address both issues simultaneously so that our Guests can achieve true results.

At Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead, your recovery and overall health will be our top priority. We won’t let you tackle this common yet frightening problem on your own. Our specialists will be by your side throughout each step of the rehabilitation process, from enrollment through graduation.

Our Dual Diagnosis Rehab Offers a Variety of Treatment Programs

If you’re serious about seeking help for your co-occurring disorders, now’s the time to take action. At Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead, you can receive the comprehensive and compassionate care that you need and deserve. You’ll never have to worry if you’re in good hands.

Some of the addiction treatment programs that could be included in your customized treatment plan include:

In order for results to last, it’s imperative that individuals work through the personal problems that may be fueling their addictive behavior. If these issues are not properly addressed and dealt with, the individual is likely to return to substance abuse once treatment ends. Individual counseling offers a valuable opportunity to work through these problems using healthy methods.

No matter what circumstances have brought you to this point, rehabilitation is possible. You don’t have to keep suffering from addiction and a mental health disorder. Serenity Lodge Arrowhead Lake offers many programs, therapies, and other services that can help you transition into a life of total sobriety.

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Don’t sit around hoping that your substance abuse and mental health disorders will improve on their own. The only way to fully overcome these dual disorders is to seek professional help from a reputable rehab.

If you’re ready to recover your health, sobriety, and independence, let our medical specialists handle the rest. Call Serenity Lodge today at 866-379-4365.