From 2009–2010, over 15,000 people were admitted into some type of LA County alcohol treatment center.

Over 9,000 of those admitted were men.

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While the admission numbers look high, those numbers don’t reflect men who had their insurance rejected. If you’re one of those men, know that there are treatment options for you outside of LA County.

Why Won’t an LA County Alcohol Treatment Center Take Your Insurance?

LA County Alcohol Treatment Center

The Affordable Care Act requires all health insurance providers to offer addiction treatment solutions. That doesn’t mean every alcohol treatment center is going to take your insurance, however. Each treatment center gets to decide who they do and don’t accept insurance from. Their reasons to accept or deny certain insurance will vary depending on the center.

Where Can You Go Outside Of an LA County Alcohol Treatment Center?

Our country has plenty of treatment options, but you don’t have to travel outside of California to get quality care. Serenity Lodge at Lake Arrowhead can be what you need to start your recovery process.

Serenity Lodge is about an hour and a half away from Los Angeles. Although it’s almost two hours from the ocean, you won’t have to sacrifice the California weather to get quality treatment. You’ll receive treatment on our 22-acre plot next to Arrowhead Lake. During your stay, you’ll be able to recover in a peaceful, serene environment.

At Serenity Lodge, you will be able to go through many different programs, all designed to help you adapt to a life without alcohol. Our professionals provide individual counseling, group therapy sessions, educational therapy, aftercare programs, and a dual diagnosis program for co-occurring disorders. 

Take Your Treatment Away From LA County

If an LA County alcohol treatment center rejected your insurance, you still have options. You can take your treatment away from LA County and look towards other treatment centers that will help you through your recovery process. Although Serenity Lodge is a bit far from an LA County alcohol treatment center, you sacrifice nothing by coming to our Lake Arrowhead location. We can offer you the same programs, outdoor environment, and level of care that any LA County alcohol treatment center can.

Don’t keep struggling with addiction on your own. Finding the right treatment center starts with finding one that will accept your health insurance. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 and let’s talk about your health insurance, payment options, and how our programs can help prepare you for a life of sobriety.