If You Can’t Find a San Diego Addiction Treatment Center For Men, There’s Another Option For You

San Diego Addiction Treatment Center For MenSeveral thousand people enter addiction treatment centers for various reasons each year. While this can look promising, many of these treatment centers offer programs for both Men. Although housing might be separated due to gender, the actual programs you’ll go through at these facilities will have both Men, which can take away from your recovery experience. If you’re looking for and aren’t finding a San Diego addiction treatment center for men, there’s another option that may be excellent for you.

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Where You Can Go Instead of a San Diego Addiction Treatment Center

Serenity Lodge can provide you with the care that you need. Not only does our facility only accept men, but we also create programs for our clients that get to the core of their addiction problems. Each program that we offer is supervised by caring professionals who strive to give you the best recovery experience possible. They’re even available when you’re trying to relax or enjoy time away from treatment programs, making our facility safe no matter where you are on the 22-acre grounds.

If you believe or know that you’re struggling with a psychiatric problem along with addiction, we can provide you with a dual diagnosis program. In this program, you’ll go through counseling to determine what your problem is, how to treat it, and whether or not you need medication during and after your addiction treatment. This program will be taken along with our other treatment programs and will enhance your overall recovery.

Why You Should Distance Yourself From San Diego For Treatment

Serenity Lodge is located at Lake Arrowhead, which is about 2-1/2 hours away from San Diego. Although that distance may seem too far away, staying near your San Diego home for treatment can actually cause you more problems in the long run.

When you live so close to home, the familiar locations, your work, and even your loved ones can distract you during your recovery process. The more distractions there are near you, the less likely you are to focus on yourself during treatment. These distractions could even cause you to leave treatment early, which will lead you down the road toward relapse.

There’s another problem to staying near home to consider. A local San Diego addiction treatment center will be closer to the locations where you have purchased your addictive substance of choice. During treatment you will experience cravings and it’ll be very tempting to leave treatment to get what you think you need. It’ll be easier for you to turn back to substance abuse if you’re going through addiction treatment near the location where you bought drugs or alcohol. Your best chance at remaining sober during treatment is to distance yourself from those locations so you can make the choice of obtaining drugs or alcohol a lot harder.

Don’t Settle For A San Diego Addiction Treatment Center That Cares For Men And Women

A local San Diego addiction treatment center can’t provide you with the care you need if they cater to both Men. Traveling to Serenity Lodge will give you the distance and male-based care you need to help you recover.

Don’t struggle with addiction any longer. Reach out for the help that you really need. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 and let’s discuss what our men’s-only facility and treatment programs can do for you.