What the Addiction Cycle Looks Like

You may not realize it, but most people who struggle with addiction do want to get sober, but they can’t by themselves. Addiction is an extremely cunning disease that revolves around mental obsession and physical craving. Those who struggle with this potentially fatal illness get stuck in an addiction cycle that’s extremely difficult to break. People believe the physical dependence is the primary problem, but the main problem is the psychological dependence. For this reason, it’s important to seek high-quality Southern California addiction treatment center.

How the Brain’s Reward System and Addiction Cycle Work

woman wrapped up in the addiction cycleOur brains are wired for repeating specific behaviors that have enabled us to survive since the beginning of time. Our brain’s pleasure system exists because we need to know when something like food gives us pleasure. Once we receive this pleasure in our brains, the brain lays down a memory and tells the person to repeat the action. This can be broken down into a three-step process that sets up our behaviors:

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  • Trigger
  • Behavior
  • Reward

The problem with this reward-based learning system is that it eventually goes into an autopilot mode, which causes people to lose control. For example, a person may have been depressed, drank, or used drugs in order to feel better. The brain lays down this memory, so the next time the person feels depressed, they turn to substances as the solution. Eventually, the person will begin needing alcohol or drugs, because the brain doesn’t know of an alternative solution.

The Addiction Cycle

While still using the example of depression, you can begin to see how this addiction cycle can be extremely insidious. A person may have once turned to alcohol or drugs as a way to relieve depression, but now the addiction is making him or her more depressed. Since these individuals only know how to turn to drugs or alcohol as a solution for depression, they continue in this cycle. This is the reason why people need addiction therapy programs in order to recover and break these cycles of addiction.

Going to Treatment Breaks the Cycle

Serenity Lodge is a drug rehab center in Southern California that provides a tranquil environment. At our facility, we use evidence-based treatment methods like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help heal the mind. CBT involves working with triggers and replacing old behaviors. Addiction recovery is a long road, but as you begin to replace old negative behaviors with new ones, your resolve becomes stronger.

At Serenity Lodge, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible while you go through our treatment program. This is why we picked our 22-acre location near Lake Arrowhead. While you’re at our facility, you’ll have access to a wide range of amenities for your convenience. Some of the luxurious amenities that we provide our Clients include:

  • Gym
  • Movie theater
  • Pool
  • Professional recording studio

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