What Is Alcoholic Dementia?

Often called alcohol-related brain damage (ARBD), alcoholic dementia is a term medical experts use to classify impaired brain function due to heavy drinking over a period of several years. Many people mistakenly believe it’s the point of no return for an alcoholic. In reality, a heavy drinker can make a partial or even full recovery from this condition if they cease their alcohol intake once and for all.

What Is Alcohol-Related Brain Damage?

Man on the Brink of Alcoholic DementiaARBD is a chronic, long-term decline in your ability to think or remember things. Prolonged alcohol use and a shortage of vitamin B1 (thiamine) are the main culprits. Thiamine provides energy to your whole body, particularly to the cells in your nerves and brain.

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Heavy drinking over time shrinks brain tissue, which brings about chemical changes and poisons the body. Moreover, alcoholics tend to drink to the exclusion of good nutrition, leading to thiamine deficiency. Finally, alcohol can lead to debilitating conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease, all of which can damage your brain.

Symptoms of Alcoholic Dementia

Someone with alcoholic dementia often shows some of the following symptoms:

  • Problems with planning and organization, risk assessment and decision-making
  • Impulsivity and difficulty controlling emotions
  • Poor attention span and reasoning ability
  • Insensitivity to others
  • Socially inappropriate behavior

Getting Help for Alcoholic Dementia

If alcohol is affecting your daily life to the extent that it impairs your memory, thought processes, or reasoning, you may have alcoholic dementia. It’s crucial that you receive professional help as soon as possible in order to reverse or reduce these symptoms. Serenity Lodge is a men’s-only drug and alcohol addiction treatment center nestled in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains in California. Dedicated to healing the whole person, we will walk with you throughout your journey toward health and sobriety.

Because most of our staff members are in active recovery themselves, they truly understand the challenges you face and will help you to get to both the root causes and the triggers of your drinking. This process of self-discovery and renewal happens on our beautiful campus where Clients are encouraged to take advantage of the following amenities to promote health and sobriety:

  • 1500-square-foot gym
  • Sauna
  • Movie theater
  • Professional recording studio
  • Massage and nutritional, prepared meals
  • Sports such as golf and racquetball

Upon graduating from our inpatient addictions center, you can take advantage of our outpatient, follow-up and alumni programs. We’ve designed our addiction treatment programs to build on the skills you have developed and also furnish you with ongoing support to guard against discouragement and relapse.

Recovery begins with the decision to take back control of your life. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 to reclaim your future.

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