Choosing a Center for Addiction Treatment

There are a lot of options within a center for addiction treatment. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs cater to the unique needs clients may have and offer different options for care. When deciding on a center for drug addiction treatment, it’s important that you know everything each program has to offer before choosing one or the other.

Inpatient vs Outpatient

happy man smiling after enrolling in a center for addiction treatmentA center for addiction treatment generally has two main types of treatment: inpatient and outpatient. Very simply, a residential inpatient treatment program is when a client stays at the facility and receives round-the-clock care and monitoring. A client in an outpatient program will visit the facility a few times a week to receive treatment. Just like people, the struggles related to substance abuse are vast and unique; no two people require the exact same type or level of care.

When deciding between inpatient and outpatient, it’s important to know the benefits of both so you can make a decision that best suits your needs. The benefits of an inpatient program include:

  • Constant monitoring and care
  • Separation from negative influences or environments
  • Maintained and monitored diet
  • Being surrounded by a support network of people in similar situations

But inpatient may not be the best option for everyone. It requires that you stop everything in your life to retreat for a few weeks while you recover. Considering the responsibilities most people have, that’s not necessarily practical. Other benefits of outpatient care include:

  • Receiving care alongside school, work, etc.
  • Family support and involvement in recovery
  • Integrating skills learned at the facility directly into everyday life
  • Group outings and community involvement activities

Outpatient drug rehab programs seek to work around those responsibilities so you can receive care for your substance abuse disorder without pausing the rest of your life.

Sometimes, a center for addiction treatment will specialize in one type of care over the other. When looking at treatment facilities, make sure you choose one that the comprehensive inpatient or outpatient care that you’re looking for.

Choosing a Center for Addiction Treatment

The best way to make a decision when deciding on a center for addiction treatment is to make a list of you or your loved one’s needs during recovery. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for and can better assess which programs will work best.

Grappling with issues of substance abuse can be challenging and stressful, especially in a man’s life. Luckily, Serenity Lodge is a California rehabilitation center that provides comprehensive, gender-specific programs designed to help men back into a life of sobriety.

Substance abuse doesn’t have to control your life. If you or your loved one suffers from substance abuse problems, contact us today at (855) 932-4045. We’re ready to walk with you towards a future of long-lasting recovery and success.

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