I Think My Husband is a Cocaine Addict

Being married to an addict is incredibly challenging. Sometimes, it’s hard to even recognize that your loved one is struggling with an addiction at all. If you think your husband might be a cocaine addict, here are some of the steps you can follow. With your help—combined with the help of a cocaine rehab center in California—your husband can get on track to sobriety and lifelong recovery.

Confirm the Signs of a Cocaine Addiction

How to Recognize a Cocaine AddictFirst, it helps to confirm that your husband is definitely struggling with cocaine addiction. If you’ve witnessed your husband using cocaine on a regular basis, then abuse is likely. If he has tried to quit in the past but failed, then addiction is almost guaranteed.

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A cocaine addict may have rapid cycles of energy and mood. After using cocaine, he might be energetic and confident. Then, just minutes or hours later, he may be quiet, moody, or withdrawn. Individuals struggling with cocaine addiction are also likely to have disrupted sleep cycles thanks to the drug’s stimulant properties.

Offer Support

If you’ve confirmed that your husband is a cocaine addict, it’s important to show your support. Together, you can acknowledge that there’s a problem. Be clear about your desire to help your husband get the support he needs for recovery.

However, keep in mind that some forms of support can enable addiction. Although you might be trying to help, it’s not smart to lie on behalf of your husband. Don’t defend his negative behavior patterns or actions. Enabling his addiction will only encourage him to continue using and postpone his recovery.

Create a Plan for Recovery

If your husband is ready to end cocaine abuse once and for all, then you’ll need to get professional help. Even if you’re supportive and focused on his sobriety, you can’t take the place of a whole team of medical professionals.

In order to overcome a cocaine addiction, your husband will first need to complete a detox. This is when he stops using cocaine altogether. He will likely go into withdrawal, which comes with some unpleasant side effects. With medical supervision, however, this won’t be dangerous.

After detox, your husband can transition into an addiction treatment center in California. This is an opportunity to address underlying issues, resolve them, and come out stronger as a result. Rehab comes in many varieties, and your husband may thrive in a residential or an outpatient program.

How to Help a Cocaine Addict Get Treatment

Finding substance abuse treatment programs can feel overwhelming because there are so many options. One place to start is to search for a gender-responsive drug rehab center. At Serenity Lodge, both Men can expect a comprehensive approach to lasting recovery. That includes a variety of addiction therapies like:

If your husband is a cocaine addict, then he needs professional support. At Serenity Lodge in California, there are a variety of treatment methods and programs that can help. Call [Direct] to explore the right route to recovery and freedom from cocaine addiction.

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