The Cycle of Addiction

Think about addiction, and ask yourself what form it would take. Perhaps it’s a straight line pointing toward the ground or a downward spiral representing despair. More likely, it’s an endlessly turning wheel as cyclical as the changing of the seasons. When you think of it in that way, it becomes easier to understand the different phases involved in the cycle of addiction. It also becomes easier to step off the endless treadmill once and for all.

What Is the Cycle of Addiction?

Man Stuck in the Cycle of AddictionWhen you are addicted to a substance, you have a compulsive need to consume it. Obsessive thinking and cravings make you feel compelled in spite of negative consequences.

In the beginning, a person decides to drink or use drugs either to have fun or to minimize pain or discomfort. This first stage of addiction is known as misuse. Over time, the person takes more and more of the substance in order to obtain the same desired effect. This is when misuse transforms into abuse.

Soon, abuse turns into a full-blown addiction. During this stage, individuals spend most of their time trying to obtain substances at the expense of virtually all else in their life.

How Addiction Affects the Mind and Body

Alcohol and drugs affect the human brain, its chemistry, and certain neurotransmitters. As a result of substance abuse, the altered brain craves substances in order to function, a phenomenon known as dependence. Without that substance, the person can experience painful and sometimes dangerous symptoms of withdrawal. For that reason, experts often recommend that the person detoxify their body under medical supervision.

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Since dependence on drugs and alcohol leads to neurological as well as psychological and behavioral changes, any intervention that you seek should take all of these factors into consideration. For instance, a setting that only detoxes your body will not be sufficient. Nor will a singular emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy without also considering the physical aspects. If you’re losing your life, your finances and relationships to the cycle of addiction, you need to find a program that is both comprehensive and individualized, that takes all aspects of your history, your addiction and your goals into consideration. It should take place in an environment where you feel safe and respected, under the guidance of professionals who know the most effective forms of addiction therapy.

How Serenity Lodge Can Help

If you’re a man who wants to declare your independence from the ravages of addiction to alcohol or other substances, you can become a welcome Client at Serenity Lodge. Our 22-acre facility is nestled in California’s San Bernardino Mountains, far away from the stress of the city. During your time as one of our clients, our professionals will treat you with dignity and respect as you work with our counselors to understand the root causes of your addiction and take tangible steps toward your new healthy, sober life.

The addiction cycle is brutal and punishing, and you don’t need to continue on this destructive path. Take some time today to speak to one of the caring, compassionate Serenity Lodge counselors, and learn how you can transform your life. Call us at (855) 932-4045 to become one of our Clients and shake off the shackles of addiction forever.

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