Characteristics of a Drug and Alcohol Assessment

If your drug or alcohol use has led to negative legal, professional, or academic consequences, you may be asked to complete a drug and alcohol assessment. Also known as a chemical or Rule 25 Assessment, you may have questions about this procedure. Learning more about it can help you make intelligent decisions when tackling your substance abuse issues.

Why Do You Need This Assessment?

Counselor Giving Man a Drug and Alcohol AssessmentA drug and alcohol assessment gives an independent evaluator the chance to find out what substances you were using as well as the impact they have had on various aspects of your life. In order to get the full picture, the assessor will ask you questions pertaining to:

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  • History of alcohol or drug use
  • Previous drug and alcohol rehab treatment
  • Any medical or mental concerns
  • Support resources in your life
  • Your risk of continuing to abuse substances

What a Drug And Alcohol Assessment Says About Your Future

If a person, institution, or legal entity requests that you complete a chemical health assessment, this is a strong indication that your drug and alcohol use has gotten out of control. It should serve as a wake-up call that prompts you to learn more about drug and alcohol addiction treatment as soon as possible. Intervention from caring, knowledgeable professionals may well be the lifeline that can save you from drowning in the treacherous waters of alcoholism or drug addiction.

How Serenity Lodge Can Help

If you’re a man who is in the process of completing a drug and alcohol assessment, you probably already know that your life has spun out of control. Fortunately, we can help.

Located in the San Bernardino Mountains in California, Serenity Lodge is a men’s-only addiction treatment facility ready to address your complex needs. Instead of treating everyone who comes through our doors identically as many facilities do, we customize a treatment plan for each of our Clients that takes his unique family, personal, and addiction history into consideration. As a result, you can expect a personalized program like no other, based on compassion, dignity, and years of experience in helping Clients battle the most insidious of addictions.

Our state-of-the-art program includes the following customizable options:

  • Medically supervised detox at our off-site partner facility
  • Evidence-based, proven addiction therapy modalities
  • Group and Family Support
  • Socialization and recreation
  • Outpatient and alumni programs upon graduation from our inpatient facility

A drug and alcohol assessment could be the wake-up call you need to change your life and put addiction behind you once and for all. Call our caring drug and alcohol counselors today at (855) 932-4045, and make today the start of your new, healthy life.

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