Spotting Heroin Addiction Signs in Your Spouse

There are many different ways to begin spotting heroin addiction signs in your spouse. In essence, addiction is similar to cancer. During the earliest stages, affected individuals have a much better chance of recovering. As a husband or wife, you’re empowered to help them seek treatment before it’s too late.

Heroin Addiction Signs: Paraphernalia

Man on bed exhibiting heroin addiction signsOne of the most obvious signs of a heroin addiction is if you begin finding needles that belong to your spouse. Many people inject heroin because it goes into the bloodstream much quicker. Not only does it increase the effects of the drug, but it also generates euphoria sooner. Keep in mind, however, that there other ways to use heroin besides injection.

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The heroin epidemic is killing thousands of people each year in the United States, and many times it could have been prevented by spotting the signs earlier. The reason many people don’t see the signs is that they believe that people only inject the drug. Many people also smoke heroin through a method called freebasing. If you begin to find burnt pieces of tinfoil, this is another clear sign of heroin addiction.

Heroin Addiction Signs of Withdrawal

Heroin is such a potent drug that the body begins to crave it almost immediately after the drug begins to metabolize. Even people who are just beginning to use heroin can experience heroin withdrawal symptoms quickly. There’s a misconception that a person needs to use the drug for days or months in a row in order to become dependent, but this isn’t the case. Using the drug even once can begin to cause the symptoms of withdrawal.

When a person is experiencing withdrawal from heroin, they get physically sick. The person will exhibit flu-like symptoms like cold sweats and nausea. The person will also feel aches and pains in their muscles and joints. Because the body wants more heroin, the person can also become highly irritable and have irrational mood swings during the heroin detox process.

Heroin Addiction Signs of Behavioral Changes

During withdrawal, a person can become extremely irritable, but the average user is also going to have other behavioral changes. As individuals continue to build a relationship with heroin, they may become much more isolative than they were. People who begin using heroin also become extremely depressed as a result of their actions. While some may think people make the choice to use, most people want to quit.

Get Your Spouse Help

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