How Treatment Can Help Heroin Addicts Change

You probably know someone in your circle of family and friends who has been addicted to heroin. Even if you don’t have any direct acquaintances, there are numerous public figures who have become heroin addicts and paid the ultimate price. Even if you use heroin, you might still be wondering how this destructive substance has gained such a stranglehold over your life. You may even think there’s little you can do to free yourself from the chaos.

The Roots of Heroin Addiction

How Treatment Can Help Heroin Addicts ChangeThere’s one factor that causes all heroin addicts to begin and keep using: pain. This pain may have come from childhood abuse, physical conditions, mental illness, or a combination of these causes. It reaches a point where it becomes so severe that a man is willing to take any risk or even lose what’s dearest to him in order to relieve it. More than any other known substance, heroin enables you to “check out” and numb yourself from your strife. Furthermore, many individuals who use heroin describe the euphoric high as incomparable to any other feeling they have ever experienced.

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Reasons For Continued Use

Once heroin addicts are well into their cycle of dependency, there continue to be compelling reasons to keep using. In addition to craving the drug for its euphoric properties, taking heroin is also extremely ritualistic. Many people enjoy the many steps in their routine almost as much as the drug itself. Finally, addicts become physically dependent on and tolerant to the drug over time. That usually means that they need to take more to achieve the same high. Furthermore, they experience excruciating physical withdrawal symptoms when they attempt heroin detox on their own.

A Treatment Solution that Really Works

If you’re a man whose need for heroin rules his entire existence and wants to stop, there’s hope. Serenity Lodge is a men’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility in California. Our Lake Arrowhead facility is far away from the temptations and triggers that contributing to your drug use. From our picturesque, amenity-packed campus to our individualized addiction treatment programs, we’ve established an environment that promotes peace, recovery, and healing on all levels.

If you become one of our Clients at Serenity Lodge, you will work harder than you ever have in your life, but you will be supported by caring, compassionate staff. Many of them are in active recovery themselves and have a personal understanding of the challenges you face. As you participate in our residential inpatient program with individual, group, and Family Support, you’ll also have the chance to enrich your life in numerous other ways. Some of our amenities include:

  • Physical fitness in our 1,500-square-foot gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Sports such as golf and racquetball
  • Professional recording studio to give your creativity free rein
  • Movie theater to socialize with peers
  • Massage, meditation, and nutritional, prepared meals

We provide these amenities to our Clients because we know from experience that healing involves the mind, body, and soul. At Serenity Lodge, our mission is to give you as many tools as possible to make that happen.

Heroin addiction will kill you. Along the way, it will destroy your finances, your relationships and the people you love. Make today the day you begin to turn your life around and away from this death sentence. Call our caring counselors today at (855) 932-4045 to take the first step toward true healing.

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