Justin’s Family Is Stronger Thanks to Serenity’s Family Support Program

A Word From Justin’s Family:

We are so grateful our son had the opportunity to be at Serenity Lodge.

Justin struggled for the last couple years with alcohol and substance abuse that led to a failing relationship, alienation from his family, and destructive behavior.

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and we’re here to help.

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Why call us?

He truly had lost his way in life.

Our son tried several different addiction treatment centers in his pursuit of healing and stability. Each program somewhat helped him on his path, but Serenity Lodge was the one that really started to give him the hope, tools, and encouragement he needed to overcome what was holding him in bondage.

We witnessed a complete transformation in our son’s life.

He rediscovered the things that made him happy before his drug problem.

His therapist offered family counseling, and that reignited the conversations we once had.

The family counseling provided us a new perspective on addiction, that it is a disease that affects the entire family.

My husband, Jim, and I learned so much from Justin’s therapist, most importantly how we could properly support him.

The disease of addiction does not come with guide book. It is a learning process. Justin’s therapist was professional, knowledgeable, and sympathetic to our plight.

Thanks to her we can speak to one another again without the lies, the loud voices, and the accusations.

Thank you, Melissa, for returning our son.

-Mother and Father


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