How Pill Mills Contributed to the Opioid Epidemic

Pill mills are shops and clinics run by medical professionals who abandoned their professional practices and medical ethics in search of greater profits. In pill mills, doctors provide clients with prescriptions for medications such as Oxycontin and Vicodin regardless of medical need.

How Do Pill Mills Start?

How Pill Mills Contributed to the Opioid EpidemicPill mills start when medical professionals abandon their ethical standards and begin using their power as a doctor to write prescriptions for profit. Pill mills function less like medical clinics and more like drug dealing operations. The operators write prescriptions without medical need in exchange for cash.

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Pill mills often work alongside local drug dealers to find clients. As a pill mill gains popularity, people suffering from opioid addiction move to the area for easier access.

Pill Mills and the Opioid Epidemic

In 2015 alone, over 12 million people misused prescription opioids and 300,000 died from opioid-related overdoses. That number only continues to climb as an estimated 142 people die every day from prescription drug-related overdoses.

In the last decade, the popularity of pill mills exploded in the United States. With easier access to prescription medications, opioid addictions spread faster than ever before. While the federal government instituted various regulations to try and limit the growth of pill mills, pill mill operators still found ways around them.

Signs of a Pill Mill

Pill mills don’t function like ordinary medical clinics. There are a number of signs that distinguish a pill mill facility from other clinics, including:

  • Cash-only operation
  • No medical exams
  • No records of medical history required
  • Clients get to decide which prescription they’d like
  • The facility has security guards
  • Excessive traffic and large crowds
  • Visits and ‘exams’ last no more than a few minutes

If you notice a facility in your community that matches these signs, contact your local authorities immediately. Pill mills are illegal and detrimental to the community, so its operators need to have their medical licenses revoked.

Recovery from an Opioid Addiction

Pill mills frequently prey on the vulnerable. Addictions to opioids and other prescription medications often develop because someone is dealing with severe or chronic pain. Instead of seeking out alternative or more sustainable methods for managing pain, they pursue the quick and satisfying fix of medication.

The opioid epidemic affects anyone and everyone. It’s a national emergency that affects all 50 states. If you know someone that suffers from an opioid addiction, there are options available for them.

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