September Is National Recovery Month

Nationally recognized and observed every September, National Recovery Month is finally here! With the goal of educating and raising awareness about substance use treatment as well as mental health treatment, National Recovery Month aims to shine an important light on recovery in a number of ways. Most importantly, National Recovery Month is a way to celebrate those who are in recovery and successfully living a clean and sober life.

When people think about diseases, they often think of things like cancer and heart disease, rarely do they think about the disease of addiction. In September, we encourage you and your network of friends and family to rethink addiction, behavioral health, and the impact that substance abuse has throughout the country.

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Recovery has a unique ability to transform a person’s life. As the tens of thousands of people in recovery celebrate their achievements, September is the time to educate as many people as possible. Education and awareness goals serve to highlight prevention tactics, treatment facilities, and recovery programs across the nation so that we can all work together to fight addiction head-on.

National Recovery Month focuses on a different theme each year and this year the theme is “Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connections”. In this spirit, we are all about giving special attention to victories. Recovery victories can be large or small, understanding that even the small ones are important. In addition, the theme implores us to look at past behaviors and think about how they may have been detrimental to a sober, healthy lifestyle.

Previously sponsored by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), National Recovery Month is sponsored by Faces & Voices of Recovery this year. We are grateful for their support of this incredibly important celebration.

National Recovery Month Participation

From co-occurring disorders to substance abuse, recovery is a multifaceted, complex topic that deserves its time in the spotlight. There are many stigmas surrounding addiction, addicts, and addiction recovery and the only way to break them is to continually raise awareness. National Recovery Month is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

This year marks the 31st year of celebration September for recovering addicts and there are a wide variety of events that are taking place. Seminars, PSAs, awareness walks, and documentary viewings are just a few of the fun things in store.

Take a look at the calendar below to see how and when you can get involved:

National Recovery Month Calendar

National Recovery Month Calendar

On September 24th, there is a webinar called The Importance of Integrating Recovery Support Services: The Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic Model. We highly recommend tuning into that!

The best way to spread information in 2020 is on social media, so be sure to use the following hashtags when posting about National Recovery Month and the events that you participate in:


We are so proud of the work that our patients, staff, friends, and family have done. National Recovery Month is such a fulfilling time of year for so many. Be sure to let yourself celebrate your victories, no matter how small, as they all add up to be something big and meaningful.

On behalf of all of us, have a wonderful and rewarding National Recovery Month!

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