Recognizing the Signs of Cocaine Abuse

What is cocaine? Cocaine is a stimulant substance that originally existed for pharmaceutical and medical purposes. Nowadays, although some medical professionals still use it as a local anesthetic, cocaine is well-known as an illegal, highly addictive street drug. As cocaine grows in popularity on the streets, it becomes more and more imperative that people are able to recognize the signs of cocaine abuse in their friends and loved ones.

By recognizing the signs of cocaine abuse, you may be able to save someone from a life of addiction or even prevent them from having an overdose.

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What Are the Signs of Cocaine Abuse?

Older man struggling with the signs of cocaine abuseAs a stimulant, cocaine is known for making a person feel more energized or hyperactive. While some people claim that cocaine use helps them perform tasks more quickly, other people say it obstructs their abilities to do anything. In some cases, cocaine can make people act out in outrageous, unpredictable, or even violent behaviors.

Aside from these hysterical or violent episodes, there are a number of mental and physical cocaine abuse symptoms, including:

  • Extreme energy or excitement
  • Irritability or violent behavior
  • Paranoia
  • Sensitivity to touch, sound, and light
  • Increased body temperature and heart rate
  • Hallucinations and feeling delusional

If you notice these signs in someone you know, they may be suffering from an addiction to cocaine. It’s especially important to notice these signs of cocaine abuse when combined with evidence of drug paraphernalia.

How Does a Cocaine Overdose Happen?

Since cocaine users can eat, inhale, smoke, snort, and inject the substance, a cocaine overdose can happen in a number of ways. The more someone uses cocaine, the higher their tolerance will build up, thus requiring them to use more of the substance to acquire the same high. Eventually, the user may reach a lethal dose that will cause them to overdose.

Another cause for cocaine overdose is the inconsistent purity of substances. The purity of a batch of cocaine all depends on the dealer. Dealers cut cocaine with a variety of other substances so that they can turn a higher profit. What may be a weak batch one day may be twice as strong as the next; there’s no way to tell. Because of this, users can overdose without even increasing their dosage.

Overdose is also extremely common during a cocaine relapse. The only sure-fire way to prevent a drug overdose is to recognize the signs of cocaine abuse before they lead to an overdose.

Recovering from Cocaine Abuse

Luckily, there’s addiction help for people struggling with cocaine addiction. Whether you’ve just recognized your addiction or you recently experienced an overdose, certified treatment centers like Serenity Lodge in California exist to help men struggling with addiction get back on the road to recovery.

Addiction doesn’t have to control your life. Contact Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 and let us help you reclaim your life from cocaine addiction.

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