Using Stress Management Techniques During Addiction Recovery

Addiction develops for a range of reasons, but stress is often one of the factors. When individuals can’t properly manage stress, they might turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope. That’s why addiction recovery should always place an emphasis on learning stress management techniques. Here are a few examples of techniques and tips that you can learn in rehab and use throughout recovery.

Practice Better Time Management

stress management techniquesOne one of the biggest causes of stress is poor time management. If you’re always running late, then it’s easy to fall behind. Things like traffic can become big obstacles when you’re pushed for time.

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To avoid that stress, practicing time management is key. This could be as simple as writing out a plan for each day, which can ensure that you make all appointments and check everything off your to-do list. It can also include waking up earlier or making a habit of leaving 15 minutes earlier each day.

Make Self-Care a Priority

Many people struggling with addiction—and even throughout recovery—have a hard time making themselves a priority. This is especially true for men, who can feel like they don’t need or deserve self-care. The reality is that self-care can be a form of treatment. When you take care of yourself, you’re better prepared to resist cravings and stay on track.

Self-care could be as simple as carving out 30 minutes for relaxation each night. That might be a few minutes of stretching, a warm bath, or a great book. It might also mean learning to say no to certain obligations and offers in favor of spending time alone.

Self-care also includes eating well and making nutrition a priority. Getting enough sleep is also crucial. Many people in recovery also find that exercise is one of the best stress management techniques out there. A trip to the gym or a walk in the park can be the healthiest possible way to rid yourself of stress.

Try Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training is a key way to overcome internal and external stress. Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, recognize them and then move on. Mindfulness can happen in meditation, during exercise, or in the middle of a yoga session. It gives you a way to pay attention to your thoughts without internalizing them or embracing the negative.

Learning Stress Management Techniques at Serenity Lodge

Addiction treatment programs at Serenity Lodge will make stress management a priority. Clients can expect to learn all about the value of stress management, and they will have the opportunity to develop their own techniques. Some of these techniques might develop during any or all of these addiction therapy methods:

Learning stress management techniques is one of the most valuable benefits of addiction treatment. At Serenity Lodge in California, Clients can prepare for a lifetime of recovery in a serene and scenic destination. Call (855) 932-4045 to plan your journey to health, happiness, and sobriety.

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