Understanding Triggers for Drug Use

Relapse is an unfortunate but common facet of many recovery journeys. In fact, most men struggling with addiction will fall off the wagon once or many times. If this happens, it’s crucial that they dust themselves off and begin the fight all over again. Although slips like this are common, understanding the triggers for drug use can lessen the chances of relapse.

What Leads to a Relapse?

What Leads to a Relapse?Just like men have different backgrounds and interests, triggers for drug use are as varied as humankind. However, there are several commonalities. The following factors can often increase the chances of renewed drug or alcohol use:

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  • Increased emotions such as fear, stress, anxiety, frustration or depression
  • People, places or things that remind an individual of previous use
  • Social situations, even happy ones, where people engage in recreational drinking or drug use

Once a person recognizes these potential triggers, they can take steps to minimize their powerful effects.

When You Need Additional Support

No matter how carefully you try to minimize triggers for drug use that set off your addictive behaviors, you may be unable to ignore them. When you become trapped in the whirlpool of renewed drug or alcohol use, the likelihood of drug overdose, crises in your relationships, and financial catastrophe is extremely high. This is especially true if you attempt to deal with all of these factors on your own.

Instead of struggling to carry this horrific burden by yourself, consider getting help from professionals who truly understand the complexities of recovery and relapse.

How Serenity Lodge Can Help

As boys, men are often taught that in order to be macho, they must solve all of their problems on their own. This is often a recipe for isolation, anger, and failure. At Serenity Lodge, our men’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility dedicates itself to supporting males through every step of their recovery. From our beautiful, secluded campus to our state-of-the-art addiction therapies, we make your healing our number one priority.

Our focus is both individualized and comprehensive. Our compassionate staff, many of who are in active recovery themselves, take the time to get to know you. Upon intake, we set out to understand your addiction and medical history, your family and support system, and your goals for recovery. Then, our professionals will craft a customized treatment program will include much of the following:

  • Medically supervised detox off-site at our partner facility
  • Evidence-based addiction therapy
  • Group sessions with your peers
  • Socialization and recreation including pool, gym, professional recording studio, movie theater, massage, nutrition, meditation and more
  • Outpatient, follow-up and alumni programs after graduation

We invite you to make Serenity Lodge your home away from home as you take the first steps toward lasting physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Even if you have given into your triggers for drug use and relapsed, we can be your port during the storm. Call us today at (855) 932-4045 to put your addiction behind you once and for all.

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