What Is Alcoholism?

Man Wondering, "What Is Alcoholism?"What is alcoholism? It’s a word that people commonly throw around, but what exactly does it mean? Alcoholism is a common term used to describe an alcohol use disorder. Those that suffer from an alcohol addiction may not even know that they have a problem. Social drinking is so common that it’s not unusual for someone to have a few drinks every day. This typically snowballs into a problem where men can’t go a single day without having a drink, even if it adversely affects their life.

What Is Alcoholism, and Who Is at Risk?

In addition to asking “What is alcoholism?”, it’s important to ask, “Who is at risk?” Alcoholism is a disease that doesn’t discriminate. However, there are a few risk factors that can increase a man’s chances of developing an alcohol use disorder.

Risk Factors for Alcoholism


The younger individuals are when they start drinking, the more likely they are to develop an alcoholism problem. Especially with peer pressure and curiosity, many men start drinking during their teen years. If men begin drinking when they’re young, it can quickly develop into alcoholism before they reach adulthood.

Mental Health

People struggling with mental health disorders often self-medicate with alcohol. Although alcohol is a depressant that can worsen depression and anxiety symptoms, it can also help relax or distract the user. Over time, it will take more alcohol for users to gain the effects they desire, so they’ll have to consume more and more.

Family History

Believe it or not, those with a family history of alcoholism are more likely to develop a drinking problem themselves. This is typically linked to other genetic factors, including mental disorders.

Social Relationships

Drinking is a common way for people to make friends and socialize. While many people can drink socially without a problem, social drinking is definitely a gateway to alcoholism. Also, if friends are heavy drinkers, they’re more likely to encourage that behavior.

People who fall into any of these categories should take a careful watch over their alcohol consumption. In some cases, addressing the primary issue (such as an underlying mental health disorder) will be essential in solving the drinking problem.

What are the Recovery Options for Alcoholics?

What is alcoholism? Who is at risk? Now that we’ve answered these questions, it’s time to learn what the next step is.

Because alcoholism can develop in a variety of ways, it takes specialized treatment programs and compassionate professionals to realize recovery. At Serenity Lodge in California, we focus on the unique needs that men face when dealing with substance addictions, including alcohol.

You don’t have to spend another day being weighed down by the effects of alcoholism. To learn more about our options for alcohol addiction treatment, call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 so we can set you on the path to recovery.

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